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Wednesday, February  1, 1922

Wednesday, February 1, 1922

A cloudy day. Rain tonight. Ben finished stripping tobacco. Mr Booker helped them strip. Marvin Smith and Mr Shelton come here today. Shelton come to look at cow. Did not like her. Bought one from Kate Harvey. I am glad that he did. I think it is good for her. I was very much disapointed that they would not stay for dinner. Josie & I had fixed for them as good as we could under the circum stances. Henry went toschool. Josie & I sewed on quilts this evening. The weather is awful bad so that we have to sit by the fire most of the time.

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Monday, January  1, 1923

Monday, January 1, 1923

A good day. We eat three meals to day. Ben commenced to strip tobacco this morning. Henry went hunting & to the store this morning.

Mrs Car did not eat any breakfast this morning.

Josie is very bad off.

The children are at the dining room trying to play the fiddle & banjo.

I have bein very busy to day no one to help me except what Edna does. She brought all the water for tonight and wiped the dishes for me.

Well I have commenced in my new book and hope I may live to finis[h] it.

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Tuesday, January  2, 1923

Tuesday, January 2, 1923

A good day Ben & Jim stripped tobacco all day execpt a little while this morning Ben started to Gretna before light for medicine for Josie he got Home by 9 oclock.

The children went to School Edna is complaining tonight I had a postal from Carrie saying that all of them had bin sick but Marvin. I hope they are better by now

Josie has been bad off all day. Mrs. Kellie & Mrs. Blair come to see Josie They brought her several nice things.

Mollie Reynols come a little while. She gave me a nice pin that she & Julia sought for me & am I proud of it. Hattie washed here today I am glad of that. I have bin busy all day.

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Tuesday, January  9, 1923

Tuesday, January 9, 1923

A changable day. The wind is blowing tonight and colde. The men folks stripped tobacco all day. Ben] has been complaining all day. Hattie] washed today. Josie is very bad off tonight. Ella] come today. Mollie] & Johnson] come a while this morning. Nellie] and I got dinner. Nel sewed some this evening. I ironed a little. The children went to school. I do want to hear from Carrie] and her folks so bad. Wish I could go up there a little while. Edna] and Franklin] has gone to bed half past seven o'clock.

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Wednesday, January 10, 1923

Wednesday, January 10, 1923

A very colde day. Ben and Jim finished stripping tobacco today. The children went to school. Josie has bin very bad off all day. Ella is here with her yet. Nellie and I got a snack to eat. Nellie sewed all the time she could get from her other work. Letia Ward brought our clothes home ironed nice. That is a help. No one has come today. It has bin so colde that no one would go out more than they were oblidged to. Ben went to Dr. Owens ? to night for tablets ? The last that Josie will ever need I think.

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