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Friday, January  4, 1918

Friday, January 4, 1918

A clear colde day. Ben moved the stove from the barn to the cabbin in the woods and cut wood fixin for a dance. Josie baked some cakes. I killed and cooked two chickens. Josie made sand witches and carried up there. Hellen and Virginia has bin here all day. Elsie and Bulah come in here. Elsie gave me some candy and Bulah gave oranges. Virginia gave me a box of candy.

I hope they may enjoy the dance. I had rather they had not had it but nothing else would not do. I am a fraid that there is so many there that they cant have a good time. I am so sleepy that I hardly can write.

11 30 oclock

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Thursday, December 26, 1918

Thursday, December 26, 1918

A good day. Ben worked on Owens house this morning.

This evening we all went to Lee Brumfields. They had a very nice dinner turkey and boiled ham cakes and pickles. Elsie East and Isla and Cordie Blair was there.

While we were away some one left some presents for Josie and I.

I got a pair of bed room slippers. John sent them. Paul Bennett sent me a box of nice candy and Grace Brumfield gave me a box of candy. I thank them both.

8 oclock

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Monday, March  3, 1919

Monday, March 3, 1919

A good day. Ben & Owen cut half the day in the pines. Ben went this evening to a cutting match at George Blairs. Jim worked on the orchard all day & did not finish it. Josie is feeling some better of her colde. Bettie Rosser washed for Josie to day. She washes fine. Heard to day that Elsie East has a new boy. I hope they get on well.

8 oclock

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Sunday, April  6, 1919

Sunday, April 6, 1919

A good day. Jim & Ben staid at home all day.

Josie got most of the dinner.

I went to Mr. Owens twice. I went & dressed the baby and come home. Then Mrs Owen fainted and I went back a while. Mr Owen carried his neice home to day. Lee & Elsie come and eat dinner with us.

Elsie had her new baby with her. I think he is a fine baby. I was very glad that they came. It is the first time that Lee has bin here this year or Elsie for that matter.

I have not seen or heard from Marvins to day. Hope they are all well.

Henry went to Mag Brumfields to day. Said he had a fine time.

9 oclock

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Saturday, April 19, 1919

Saturday, April 19, 1919

A beautiful day. Ben & Josie & Jim went to Chatham. Ben & Josie got home a bout night. Jim staid up there.

Henry & Edna and I said[sic] at home until twelve. Eat our dinner & then went to Marvins. Marvin carried Reese & Henry and I to White Falls. We caught a fish a piece. They would not bite. Odie and Lottie Kellie and Elsie East was there.

Mrs Johnson come down there where I was a few minutes. There was plenty of frost this mornin.

9 oclock

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