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Wednesday, March 12, 1919

Wednesday, March 12, 1919

A colde morning. Ice plenty by twelve. It was pleasant.

The men folks shucked some corn and hauled it up. Hauled the storks[sic] and cut them up.

Ben went to Renan after oil. Edna & Franklin went with him. Ben had a card from Josie. She was on her way to W Va. I hope she may have a good time. We certainly do miss her & will be so glad when she gets back.

10 oclock

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Wednesday, December 24, 1919

Wednesday, December 24, 1919

A good day. Colde tonight. Ben & I went to Strait Stone and bought several things. Mr Sam Owen went to the mill. Carried some corn for us.

Josie baked some cakes. Give William Gilbert one.

Ren & Ethel Worsham sent me a nice sweater for a Xmas gift. Josie and I had a card from Irene Dyer. This evening I had one from Julia Fergerson. Guess she is at her fathers tonight.

Henry killed two ducks today and I dressed them.

I don't think that Henry can go to sleep tonight for wanting to know what Santy will bring.

Well I may never see another Xmas. We have bin well all the year. Have not missed a night waiting on account of sickness.

8:30 oclock

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Friday October 21, 1921

Friday October 21, 1921

A cool clear day. Jim and Ben stripped some tobacco today. Alcie Callan (col) washed for Josie today.

Kate Harvey & Virginia come this evening. Kate got a peice of beef and walked and carried it home. I was very sorrie for her but could not help her.

I went to Marvins a little while this evening. Carrie is very much complaining. I do hope she will feel better soon. Josie is very bad off with her jaws where she had her teeth pulled. I hope they will get well soon.

Mabel has bin very good today. The children all gave me a present for my birthday. I got a card from Nellie today.

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