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Friday, January 11, 1918

Friday, January 11, 1918

A bad day. It snowed the most of the day and to night it is raining. Ben helped Marvin strip tobacco this evening. I got dinner. Baked cracklin corn bread.

Josie pieced on her quilt. I finished two aprons that I had commenced. I wrote a letter to Ludy Pugh to night.

Henry has bin complaining all day. They are all a bed and sleep I guess.

8 oclock

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Sunday, February  3, 1918

Sunday, February 3, 1918

A warm day. Snow and ice melted very fast. Ben went to Renan and to see Charles. Kate Harvey come a little while. The weather is so bad that I have to stay in most of the time. Ben made the fire in the stove this morning. I got breakfast. Josie got dinner. She had a bowl of soup and chicken. Baked tea cakes. We all did enjoy it so much. I washed dishes after dinner. Josie fed the calves and chickens. We had tea cakes and cocoa for supper.

9 30 oclock

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Friday, June  7, 1918

Friday, June 7, 1918

A good day.

Ben and Paul worked tobacco all day. I washed a little this morning. Josie churned and got dinner. Baked a cake. This evening she washed the dining room floor.

George Worsham come here this evening assessing property. I planted sunflower seed this evening.

Tonight Ben has gone to Marvins to try and mend the freezer. Hope he can get it mended.

10 oclock

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Sunday, October  5, 1919

Sunday, October 5, 1919

A good day every body wishing it would rain that is every body that is olde enough to know how bad it is needed

We all staid at home to day and no one came to see us

Carrie sent Josie a nice dinner I cooked a chicken and squirrel Baked some potatoe pies Would not write about what I done but have nothing else to write every body is in bed but me and I will be prety soon if nothing happens 9 oclock

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