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Saturday, April  5, 1919

Saturday, April 5, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim shucked some corn this morning & hauled some stalks this evening.

Ben carried Henry & Edna and I the Moons Mill. We fished some. Did not catch any thing that was worth having.

Josie got dinner. She baked light bread. Boiled over some molasses.

Jim & Ben & Franklin come after us. Reuben & Paul come a few minutes. Reubin drove up the cows for me. He brought me his picture. I was glad to see the boys.

Ren Worsham & 4 of the children was at Strait Stone. He would of brought us part the way home if Ben had not come as soon as he did.

9 oclock

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Thursday, November 27, 1919

Thursday, November 27, 1919

A beautiful warm morning. I would of given either of the boys five dollars to have taken me where I could of fished some but did not say a word about it. I was afraid they would deny me & belitle me for being so foolish and it hurts so bad to be denied. In the place of fishing I got dinner and helped to clean the yard and draped and covered two rows of onions and went to Carries a few minutes.

Jim & Ben finished diggin Irish potatoes and put them in kiln in the garden. Fixed the land to plant onions.

Then hauled some stalks to feed the cows. To night Ben & Josie went to Renan. I stayed with the children. Josie got a package from the island to day. She gave me a nice sweater. I am glad of it. I am so near a sleep that I cant hardely write.

9 oclock

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Tuesday, December 16, 1919

Tuesday, December 16, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim hauled some stalks and cut feed.

Josie washed a gain today.

I got dinner. Boiled meat in the dineing room & started to the cook room and stumbled and fell and spilt some of the meat. It did not hurt me. Burnt me a little. I am glad it did not hurt me and I am very sorrie that it happened.

I hemed two little sheets for Franklins bed.

Denia Blair come this evening. I was very glad to see her. I have not seen any of Marvins folks this week. Hope that tomorrow will be good.

8 oclock

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Saturday February  5, 1921

Saturday February 5, 1921

A cloudy day. Jim and Ben and Owen shucked some corn and toated stalk to the cows then stripped tobacco. Hattie washed some here today. Josie got dinner & supper.

Made a place for little chickens and mended some this evening. Josie went to Carries. I staid with the children. Annie and Ta??ie Doss come. Brought the suit case home. I have got a very bad colde. Hope it will be better soon.

I am so near a sleep that I cant write much.

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Thursday March  3, 1921

Thursday March 3, 1921

A changable day. Clear tonight and the wind blowing. Jim and Ben hauled stalks and corn this morning. Ben hauled wood this evening. Jim cut in the woods. Josie baked a cake in the oil stove this morning.

I went to see Mrs Edmons. Found her sitting up. She looks feeble. She is improving. They have a col woman staying there. They were making a canvas for the plant beds. Miss Carter stopd here a while. We all are all ways glad to see her.

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