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Sunday, June 29, 1919

Sunday, June 29, 1919

A good day. Cool north east wind blowing. Henry & Ben went to Mr Hankins and got three of his little ducks that got a way when the branch was so high. We all eat dinner at home.

Ben went this evening to meet Jim. Marvin went with him. I went as far as Lee Brumfields. Spent a pleasant evening. Kate Harvey is in Roanoake to see Pearl Wigginton in the hospitle.

Beaula Brumfield is staying with Virginia Harvey.

Jim is here Ok tonight. Carries children was here this evening.

9 oclock

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Sunday October  2, 1921

Sunday October 2, 1921

A good day. We all staid at home until after dinner then I went to Johnson Reynols. They were eating dinner. The preacher, Mr Keef and Mr Hankins, Jim Thomson & family, Posie Reynols and family.

Josie and Ben & the children went to Jim Thomsons then come to Reynols. They brought me home. Jim Brumfield staid home all day. I went by Marvins. They were all up and a bought.

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