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Wednesday, September 10, 1919

Wednesday, September 10, 1919

A good day and very warm. Ben & Jack painted the stable & buggy house tops. Jim went to the mill.

Josie got dinner & ironed. I went with Mr Willie Mayhew & wife to Long Island. We all fished some. We did not catch any thing. I am so thankful that they would be troubled with me. I eat dinner with them. The whole trip did not cost me a penny.

Marvin went to Jim Eades and got seed wheat. He brought some for Ben. Marvin went to Long Island and got a bed stead this evening.

10 oclock

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Tuesday, September 30, 1919

Tuesday, September 30, 1919

A good day. Jim & Ben helped Marvin on his stable.

The children went to school.

Josie got dinner. I washed some.

Carrie come a little while this evening. She brought Eva with her.

Franklin staid at Marvins most of the day

9:10 oclock

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Wednesday, October  1, 1919

Wednesday, October 1, 1919

A good day. Jim & Ben worked on Marvin's stable all day. Ben lost some time. Josie has been sick all day. She has a little girl born at 8 oclock tonight. Dr Owen went from here to Irvin Bennetts. The children all staid at Carries tonight.

I have done what work has bin done here to day. There is a light in the north tonight. Dont know what caused it. The fair is going on at Lynchburg 10 oclock

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Sunday January 16, 1921

Sunday January 16, 1921

A clear day. Snow on the ground yet. We all was here at dinner. Jim went to Marvins this morning. Ben went to Owens late this evening. Owens baby is sick. Josie and I got dinner. We did not get any supper. I think now I will be so glad when I can go a round and not be colde. Mabel has woke up. She is one of the worst babys that I have ever seen.

I promised Ben 50 cts to carry the calf from the stable to the shop.

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Monday July 25, 1921

Monday July 25, 1921

A good day. Clouds about but no rain here. Jim & Ben worked on their tobacco un til noon. Ben & Jim and Josie and Mabel went to three stores hunting bolts for a waggon body. To night Ben & Jim & Henry went to the school house to a speaking. Josie & I got dinner. I cut quilt peices this evening.

Henry and I cleaned up the olde stable where the chicken stais. Edna & Franklin went to Marvins a while this evening.

Julia has bin hemstichen on a peic for a ruffle. She gets on well for her first.

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