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Sunday, September 28, 1919

Sunday, September 28, 1919

A good day. We had company this morning. Lizzie and Ola & Faber went to Marvins. I went with them. Ben carried us. We went from there to Johnsons. There we eat dinner and then we went to Kate Harveys.

We walked from Marvins to Reynols from there to Harveys. Marvin Smith carried us from there to George Blairs on his car. I walked from there home.

There was preaching at Strait Stone to day. Some of the Odd Fellows went to Lynch Burg this morning and brought 19 girls from the Odd Fellows Home to Strait Stone to preaching. There was dinner on the ground. Enough to feed them and some others.

Henry went to Lee Brumfields and went hazel nut hunting. Mrs. Owen got home from Roanoak to day.

8:45 oclock

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