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Saturday, October 25, 1919

Saturday, October 25, 1919

A cloudy day. The men stripped tobacco to day. Josie got dinner and supper. Nellie brough the water.

This evening Ben carried Henry and I to White Falls. I caught 30 fish. Henry caught five. Ben killed two squirrels.

I got three letters to day. One from Effie, John, & Julia Fergerson. I am always so glad to get letters.

I dug the bait to fish with. Edna helped me get them. She is a good help when she will.

8 oclock

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Thursday, November  6, 1919

Thursday, November 6, 1919

A good day. We [are] at Willies yet. We ironed some this morning. This evening Effie and Cordie went to Hollie wood Cimetry. It is the granest place I ever saw. More beautiful monuments and tomb stones than one could think a bout that never was at a place of the sort.

I got two letters to day from home. Was glad to hear that all was well. Hope to be with them soon.

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Friday, February 10, 1922

Friday, February 10, 1922

A cloudy day. No rain or snow. We have done as near nothing as we could. Ben & Josie milked morning & night. Ben went to Mags and Kates this evening. Found them well. The children got letters from Reese & Paul today. We are always glad to hear from any of them. Josie and I sent several valintines cards to relatives I miss Jim so much. Hope he is at home OK. Ben put shoes on Mr Bookers horse this morning. Henry & Edna went to school. The roads are so mudy that you cant hardly travil. Josie got a fall this evening.

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Sunday, March 19, 1922

Sunday, March 19, 1922

A rainy day. We all staid at home. I got dinner. Cooked meat & turnip greens and a chicken & stewed prunes. Josie had a cake baked. Josie is feeling mighty bad today. I said we all staid at home. I forgot Henry went home with Hugh Brumfield. Jim did not come home. Wilson Starkey got stuck in the mud near the house. Ben went & helped him get out. I wrote two letters today. One to Carrie & one to Julia Fergerson. Wish I could see them.

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