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Saturday January  1, 1921

Saturday January 1, 1921

A beautiful day for January. We was all at home for dinner. Henry traded his wheel for type writer. He is carried a way with it. Ben and Josie went to Strait Stone late this evening. While they were gone Charles Harvey and Miss Virginia Moses come. They wanted the records for the phonogarapth. They was on their way to Lee Brumfield. Guess they will dance there tonight.

I ironed some today.

I thought this morning we would have a rainy day. It was partly cloudy and a plain rain bow. It rained a little and cleared off.

Ben or Josie one are typewriteing now.

8:30 oclock

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Saturday January 29, 1921

Saturday January 29, 1921

A good morning. Cloudy this evening and some hail. The men stripped tobacco most of the day. Shucked some corn just at night.

Josie and Henry went to the store this evening at Cedar Forest. The baby has bin very good for her all evening. The children has very bad coughs. The olde hog caught one of my chickens to day. Miss Carter taught school today to make up a lost day. Irvin Harvey got a phonagrapt from the Island today for Virginia Harvey. Hope she may be pleased with it.

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Monday February 21, 1921

Monday February 21, 1921

A very bad day. Colde and some snow. Ben & Jim & Marvin stripped tobacco some. Henry and Edna went to school.

Josie went to Marvins a few minutes. Josie and Carrie ordered them a musick box a peice. I hope that they may get them ok. I got dinner. I boiled hogs face & feet.

I have tacked a few rags for a rug if I ever get it made.

Today is 56 years a go I was married.

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Monday March  7, 1921

Monday March 7, 1921

A good day. Ben sowed grass seed. Jim planted things in the garden & a potatoe patch. Josie sowed for Franklin most of the day. This evening I went to George Blairs. Denia was not at home. I had a pleasant time with the girls. I stoped at Mr Hutchersons. Mrs Mayhew was there. I am glad that she is able to get round that much. I enjoyed being with them.

Kate Harvey come to Marvins and her and Carrie come here. I am sorry that I was not at home. Marvin went to the Iland for a phonogapt for Carrie and Josie. Ben and Josie have gone up there to night and I dont know when they are coming back. Mabel stayed a wake until after nine oclock. Marvin solde Jerrie [Jennie?] to day.

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Tuesday March  8, 1921

Tuesday March 8, 1921

A good day. Jim and Ben plowed most of the day. Josie sowed. Made the baby some under bodies. I potered a round until dinner. Then I went with Carrie and the children to Gretna. Reese drove the car. We had a good trip. Bought a few things. Miss Carter come in a few minutes. Eula Mayhew come in a while. Mr Owen hauled a load of corn this morning. Ben has bin playing the musick box to night. I enjoy hearing it.

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