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Sunday January 23, 1921

Sunday January 23, 1921

A rainy morning. Cleared up a bout sunup then we had a good day. Josie and I got a snack for dinner. Henry had some shot he plays with his air rifle.

Ben went after Jim. Marvin went with him. I went as far as Kate Harveys. I was glad to go. Charles & Virginia & Virginia Moses was there. I was glad to see them all. Ben had some trouble with his car.

Carrie & the children come a while. I am glad that they come. Rubin Reynols come a few minutes. I was glad to see him. He is at home helping his father now to strip tobacco and shuck corn.

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Sunday March 13, 1921

Sunday March 13, 1921

A beautiful day. We all staid at home until noon. Then Ben & family and I went to Jim Powers. They had company both olde and young. Acie and Hessie Anderson, George Blair, Charles Harvey, and Miss Virginia Moses; Ben and his crowd and I; Mr Walter Car, & Mr Jo Hobson.

I have not seen any of Marvins folks today. I miss them most (much) as I would my folks at home.

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Sunday April 24, 1921

Sunday April 24, 1921

A beautiful day. Ben and family except Henry went to Mr Jim Powers and Rob Hubbards. Ben & Mr Mayhew & Richard Wooding went to Hubbards. Went to the fish trap but did not get any fish. They got home at dark.

I staid at home most of the day. I went to Marvins. They went to Kate Harveys. I went with them. Kate had company. Dr Wigginton and Pearl, Effie and Hellen Brumfield, Miss Virginia Moses, two of the Farmer children.

I come home and fed the chickens. Brought water and made coffee & baked bread.

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Friday August 26, 1921

Friday August 26, 1921

A clear day. Jim has worked on his tobacco all day trying to get it to yellow.

Ben went to Jim Powers this morning and brought Fletcher Car and family up here. He has 6 children. We have not bin lonesome today. This evening Nellie and Evylin come. I was glad that they come.

Carley[?] Harvey & Virginia Moses was married this morning at Gretna. Reese Smith carried Kate & Virginia Harvey to Gretna. Marvin and some others met at Richard Woodings and cut some tobacco for him. Ben & Henry helped some.

I am going to sleep in the hall to night.

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