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Sunday January  2, 1921

Sunday January 2, 1921

A good day. Ben and family staid at home all day. Some of them was workin the tipewriter about all the time. I got dinner then went to Marvins. They were eating dinner. They had bin to preaching at Strait Stone. Carrie and I walked over to Mr Hutchersons.

Mr & Mrs Hutcherson was not at home. We saw Willie Hutcherson & Frank Blair. Went to the grave yard then come home.

We have looked for Jim Brumfield all the evening but he has not come yet.

Ben Josie and the children are at the dining room eating a snack.

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Thursday March 24, 1921

Thursday March 24, 1921

A rainy day most of the day. Mrs Reynols was buried this evening. Ben went to the burial with Marvin. Jim staid at home all day. Josie got dinner. She baked a molasses pudding. It was fine.

I went to Georg Blairs. Lottie Craddock and her children was there. Isla was sewing. Denia & Cordie was makeing Edieth a doll. Denia was bakeing light rolls.

Willie Hutcherson and his mother went to Mrs. Reynols burial.

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Friday October 14, 1921

Friday October 14, 1921

A clear day. There was a big frost this morning. Oh we need rain so bad.

Jim and Ben cut a log to take to the saw mill in the morning. They went to Kate Harveys this evening and sowed some wheat for her. Josie ironed most all day. We went to Marvins this evening. Mrs Hutcherson and Mollie Reynols come while we were there. The children went to school to day.

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