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Sunday, May 26, 1918

Sunday, May 26, 1918

A good day.

Ben and Josie Edna and Franklin went to Strait Stone to preaching. Henry and I staid at home. I got a snack for dinner. After dinner Mr and Mrs Mayhew come. Ben and Mr Mayhew played croquet.

I went to see Carrie a little while. Marvin carried Mrs Rice home this evening. Alma Bennett went home to day.

Paul Bennett went to George Blairs for dinner from preaching.

10 oclock

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Wednesday, September 10, 1919

Wednesday, September 10, 1919

A good day and very warm. Ben & Jack painted the stable & buggy house tops. Jim went to the mill.

Josie got dinner & ironed. I went with Mr Willie Mayhew & wife to Long Island. We all fished some. We did not catch any thing. I am so thankful that they would be troubled with me. I eat dinner with them. The whole trip did not cost me a penny.

Marvin went to Jim Eades and got seed wheat. He brought some for Ben. Marvin went to Long Island and got a bed stead this evening.

10 oclock

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Wednesday November  2, 1921

Wednesday November 2, 1921

A good day. Jim went to Gretna with tobacco. Solde well for what it was. Marvin went to Gretna today with tobacco. Did not sell so well. Josie worked all day fixin for company. She cooked a posome for supper.

I went to see Earl Bennett & Lizzie Anderson married. I think they had a nice wedding. Gorden & Lizzie and Frances come by here for me & brought me home. I certainly did thank them for the rememberance.

Ben went to Charlotsville with Edna and had a wart cut off of her mouth.

Willie Mayhew & wife come and eat supper with us. Mr Gambol eat supper with us. John come to night.

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Thursday, February  1, 1923

Thursday, February 1, 1923

A cloudy day. The boys finished sawing wood by twelve oclock. Cleaned out the stables this evening. Boy Barbers wife was buried this evening. No one from here did not go to the burial. Nellie got dinner. Then sewed on her quilt. I cut up the stair way carpet and will make rugs of it. Lelia sent the clothes home by John. They were done very good. The children went to school. Edna got a letter from Aunt Ella today. Mabel has been very good for her. Tonight she was running after a wheel and hurt her self. Did not any supper.[sic]

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Wednesday, February 28, 1923

Wednesday, February 28, 1923

A cloudy day most of the day. Jim and John Ward mauled. Ben shucked some corn. Nellie got dinner. This evening I went to George Blaine. They were all gone from home except Denia. Some of them had gone to Danville and some to Gretna. I would of been glad to see the young folks. Denia had washing done today. Norman Booker and his wife went to Gretna this morning. Heard today that Jamie Gravely was married last Sunday. I wish her well. The children went to school.

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