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Tuesday April  5, 1921

Tuesday April 5, 1921

A good day. Ben & Jim plowed most of the day. Jim made a hot bed late this evening. Josie got dinner. Had a nice dinner for this time of year. I washed a little.

Cordie Blair come this evening. I was very glad to see her. I wish they would come often. I went to Marvins a few minutes late this evening. Carrie had washed.

Henry and Edna went to school and come back by the store.

Two men come here this evening. They wanted to put lights in the house.

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Monday April 25, 1921

Monday April 25, 1921

A good day. Ben went to meet Jim. Jim come from Chatham. The men that will put in the lights come today.

Marvin went to the island. He got his washing machine today. Carrie and the children and Edna went to Cedar Forest. I went with Johnson Reynolds to the island. Beaula and I fished. Did not catch any thing.

I eat dinner at Mr Peaks. They are all so good to me. I am ashamed to impose on them. I thanked Johnson for takeing me to the island. Got stuck in the mud between Marvins and the gray soil road. Marvin and Mr Hutcherson helped to push his truck out.

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Wednesday April 27, 1921

Wednesday April 27, 1921

A cloudy day. We had rain and lightning and thunder last night. Jim and Ben has bin blowing up stumps today. Ben went to Mt Airy for fuse and Josie and all the children went.

We cooked turnip salit for dinner and turnips. We looked for the men that is to put in lights but they did not come.

I went to Marvins a little while. Carrie was makeing Hazel a dress. Virginia Harvey was at Carries to day. She had bin doing some fancy work for Carrie. Josie fixed a nice towel this evening.

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Thursday May  5, 1921

Thursday May 5, 1921

A rainy day. The men that was to put in the light come and worked all the evening. They got one so we eat supper by it. Josie got dinner. I hemed a pair of sheets. I went to Marvins a few minutes. To day was Evas birth day. She is three years olde. Jims little game chickens hatched out today and yesterday. One of my hens quit her nest. I am sorry.

Jim come home this evening. I am so glad that he come all right. It is a discouraging time. I do hope that the weather will soon be better. Then people will feel better I hope.

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Friday May  6, 1921

Friday May 6, 1921

A cloudy day and some rain. The men finished puting in the lights and went home this evening.

Ben went to Gretna for Mrs Car. Josie and Henry went with him. Jim went two. He went on to Chatham.

Mrs Car and Mr Hobson come with them home. I am glad that they come. Josie wanted her uncle to come so bad.

Reese & Paul & Roy and Christenia Reynols come a few minutes this evening.

Marvin & Woodall went to Altavista today. Julia F and Mildred was at Carries today.

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