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Saturday September  3, 1921

Saturday September 3, 1921

A hot dry day. Ben fired on his tobacco all day. Jim and Henry suckered tobacco until dinner.

Josie staid at the barn while Ben carried Jim to Gretna. Ben brought Elsie East & Effie Brumfield home from Gretna. Oscar Brumfield carried his mother and Hugh and Aubra Brumfield and Ralph East to White Falls. We caught several fish. Jim Thomson was there with his car. He brought us part the way home and I was glad that he did.

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Sunday September  4, 1921

Sunday September 4, 1921

A good day most of the day. Had a little rain this evening. I am so glad that it rained what it did. Josie and I got dinner. We had peas and fried chicken and plenty tomatoes, butter & bread.

Henry went to Marvins. Ben and Josie went to Gretna to meet Jim. They got home at sun down. Josie made coffee and we had supper.

I milked and fed the chickens. To night Jim and Ben went to Marvins. Have not come home yet. Ben & Josie met Henry Blair on his way home from Georgie. I know they will be glad to see him.

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Thursday September  8, 1921

Thursday September 8, 1921

Another hot day. The men folks helped Marvin finish cutting tobacco. Reese carried Henry & Paul and Roy and I to White Falls. I caught several fish. Had a good evening.

Henry Blair eat dinner at Marvins. Carrie said she was glad to have him with them.

Josie ironed the most of the day. I am so sorry that we cant get any help. I am getting olde and cant do very much and dont do what I might. I am sonigh a sleep that I cant hardly write.

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Friday September  9, 1921

Friday September 9, 1921

A cloudy day. Some rain this evening. We were so glad of what did fall.

Josie sewed this evening. I worked some button holes. Jim & Ben will stay at the barn tonight. Ben & Henry went hunting to night a while.

I went to Marvins a few minutes this evening. Come by the pea patch. There is a lot of peas dry and need to be gathered.

Ben & Marvin went to Mrs Kates place this evening and got a few apples. Fruit is hard to find a bout here this year.

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Saturday September 10, 1921

Saturday September 10, 1921

A good day. Jim & Ben worked on their tobacco fireing it. Henry and I picked some beans and peas this morning. This evening Ben carried Henry and Edna and I to the river. He did not want to go but went.

I did not catch any thing much. We stoped at Renan a few minutes. Virginia Harvey was there and Otho & Sallie Blair was there.

Josie got dinner & supper. She had fried apples for dinner. We did enjoy them. She mended on the men folks clothes all the evening.

Dodson Bailis come to see Ben to day.

Had a rain tonight.

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