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Monday, January 14, 1918

Monday, January 14, 1918

A cloudy morning and little snow. Ben went to Renan. Come home by dinner. Worked some this evening. Tonight he went to John Hutchersons.

Josie got dinner and sewed some on her quilt. I made a pair of little pants then went to Marvins. Worked the button holes up there. Mr Hutcherson was there. He said that his folks was hauling guano.

I talked with Molly Reynolds this morning. She tolde me that Mr George Reynolds was dead. Died last night.

9 45 oclock

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Saturday, November 23, 1918

Saturday, November 23, 1918

A good day. Ben and Owen hauled wood this morning and sawed it this evening.

Josie mended her fire place this morning and got dinner. She cooked salsify and parsnips the [first] that we have had this season.

I went to Marvins this evening. I worked some button holes in the childrens clothes. Tonight I have ripped up an old skirt of Carries that Miss Alice Hubbard made before Carrie was married.

She is thinking of making some pants for Roy.

Ben has gone to Strait Stone to the lodge.

9 oclock

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Thursday, April 17, 1919

Thursday, April 17, 1919

A cool windy day. The men folks sawed wood here & at Mr Owens. Josie ironed some and got dinner. This evening she sewed on pants for Franklin.

Aubrey Brumfield come here this evening for potatoes. I did not have them for him. Jim made a hot bed Tuesday and used all the potatoes that was fit to bed.

I have mised sister Mary and Mintie to day. Hope they got home ok.

I cut some grass out of the straw berrie patch this evening. Edna and Paul went to Molly Reynolds's this evening. They did not stay but a little while.

9:30 oclock

Today was Roy Smiths birthday.

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Thursday, September  4, 1919

Thursday, September 4, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim is at the barn. They ground apples to day to make cider. This evening Ben went to Cedar Forest to see some parties a bout a school house. Henry and Edna and I went two.

While we were gone Kate Harvey come. Also Janie Gravely & Evylin Edmons. I would of bin glad to see them. Mollie Reynolds come a little while before I went a way from home.

Josie got dinner. I washed the dishes after dinner.

I have just finished working button holes in Roy Smiths pants.

9:30 oclock

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Wednesday, November  5, 1919

Wednesday, November 5, 1919

A good day. Effie has bin very busy all day. We went to the store late this evening. Effie treated us to ice cream.

We come home on street car so crowded that several had to stand up. We did not buy anything.

Will Brumfield has blowed his horn most of the time until bedtime. Thelma & Mary has bin studieing to night. Effie has bin sewing tonight on babie [?] pants. I think she is about finished them.

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