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Thursday, February  2, 1922

Thursday, February 2, 1922

A cloudy morning. Clear in the evening. Jim hung up the meat. Ben & Jim went to Renon in the morning & Ben went a gain in the evening. Henry went to school. Josie got dinner and washed the dishes. After dinner I mended on overalls all day and then did not get done. Ben saw John & Edwin Brumfield on their way to Johnson Reynols. They were going to do some work for Mollie. I got a letter from Carrie to day. I am always glad to hear from them. Ben milked for me this morning. I have not done any thing out to day.

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Friday, February  3, 1922

Friday, February 3, 1922

A good day. Very mudy and bad getting a bout. I have not bin out but little today. Ben milked for me. Josie done most every thing else. I churned and mended on overalls all day.

Ben & Jim made two crates for calfs [crossed out] calves that they intend to ship. We got the mail OK today. Josie got a package that she had ordered.

We cant go any wher and no one comes so we don't hear any news. Josie wrote to Carrie today. I think a bout them most of the time.

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