Morrison v. Petticord, 1811

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To the Honourable the Judges of Frederick County Court -

The Petition of David Morrison Humbly Shewith, that a judgement was rendered against your Petitioner for the sum of five pounds six shillings and one penny half penny current money debt and the sum of one pound three shillings and nine pence like money Damages and coats, in favour of a certain Greenberry Petticord, on the thirteenth day of October last, by John Huston Esquire a Justice of the peace in and for Frederick County, which said Judgement your Petitioner avers is against the Equity and right of the and from which he has prayed and appeal to this Honourable Court, and and now prays that the same may be here in [gaind?] [ ] and [ ] & [ ]

R. B. Taney for Petitioner

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Morrison vs Petticord

Petn in appl.

Wm Ritchie file this

R. B. Taney

filed 11th Febry 1811

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