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1871-1872 keeper selection and LH building Vol. 336



Office of the Light House Engineer Thirteenth District

Portland, Oregon March 14", 1873

Chairman Light House Board Washington D. C.


I have the honor to state that the Bill of Lading, received from Gen Michler, only calls for Sixteen(16) cases Lt Ho Lantern Sixteen (16) pces Castings " " as shipped by Gen Woodruff to Col Williamson. The company has delivered to me 16 Cases & 16 pieces Castings, belonging to Foulweather Lantern. But Gen Michler says the San Francisco Agent states that the missing boxes were thrown overboard in stress of weather. Under the circumstances, I do not know whether the entire freight charges should be paid to Pacific Mail SS Co, or not, and would respectfully ask whether the entire charges for freight should be paid; and if not, then how shall I ascertain the precise amount to deduct from their bill, which is $417 29/100 Currency on acc't of the loss of the three boxes. As 3 of the 16 cases contain Glass, it appears there must have been a mistake in shipping, as 19 cases were shipped, and Bill of Lading only covers 16 cases.

Very respectfully, Your obedient servant

Henry M Robert Maj. of Eng'rs & L.H. Eng'r Thirteenth District

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March 19 2


In reply to your letter of the 14th instant, enclosing bill for first order lantern for Cape Foulweather, Oregon, $3000, I have to inform you that Gen. Woodruff, the Light House Engineer at Soupkinsville, Staten Island, has requested to pay the bill if the work is found to be completed according to contract.

Very respectfully,

George H. Elliot Major of Engineers, U.S.A. Engineer Secretary

George ??? Esq. Agent Ames Man'g Co. Chicopee, Mass.

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