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Thursday, January 24, 1918

Thursday, January 24, 1918

A colde day partly cloudy. Ben has bin sick all day do hope that he will be better by morning. Henry is sick to night. I have done the cookin to day. Josie had to stay with Ben.

Denia and Sally Blair come this evening.

Marvin Smith come to see Ben to day.

Henry and Edna got in the wood to day. Josie fed the stock this morning. I fed to night.

9 oclock

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Wednesday, March  1, 1922

Wednesday, March 1, 1922

A bad day. Hailed & snowed and rained all day. Hailing now 8 oclock at night. The men folks fed the stock and made fires. Ben & Josie milked. I churned and got dinner. We had turnip salit & poached eggs. Nellie & Jim brought the sallit from Chatham. We were very glad of it. Henry & Edna went to school. Mabel has cried a lot all the morning. Was better all the evening. Nellie was complaining all evening. Hope she will soon be teethed.

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