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Tuesday, January 29, 1918

Tuesday, January 29, 1918

A bad day. Snow melting walkin very bad.

Ben went to see Dr Owen this morning. Got medicine for Henry he is mighty sick yet.

I got dinner to day. I finished a helmet for Bruce Reynolds to day.

I got two letters to day one from Julia Fergerson and one from Lottie Craddock.

Ben went this evening to Ren Worshams and paid for the guano to use this year. Ben is sleeping in my room to night. Edna is with him. Henry is with his mother.

8 30 oclock

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Thursday December 22, 1921

Thursday December 22, 1921

A colde day partly cloudy. Hailing and snowing tonight. Jim shucked some corn and toated stalks for the cows. Ben sawed wood at Kate Harveys. Brought the engine & saw home tonight. Ben went to Strait Stone tonight. He went for medicine for Mabel. She has a colde and is very hoarse. We are a fraid she will have the croup. Josie ironed today and worked on her cakes some. I got dinner. Denia Blair come a little while. I was glad that she come. Two of the Doss girls come a few minutes. They borrowed a last. Said they wanted to mend shoes. I am sorry that it is weathering. Did hope it would stay good until Jim could get home. We sent Kates turkey to her this morning.

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Monday, February  2, 1920

Monday, February 2, 1920

A cloudy morning. Clear this evening. Ben & Jim got wood all day. Josie got dinner. I ironed all the morning. Carrie come down a few minutes. This evening Josie & Franklin & Mabel went to Marvins. A man come here this evening selling medicine. We did not buy any thing from him. Tonight Jim & Ben has gone to Renan. I sewed on my quilt some tonight.

8 oclock

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Wednesday, June  7, 1922

Wednesday, June 7, 1922

A good day. Ben went to [Gretna?] for medicine. Jim plowed we had lots of company most of the day [and] got dinner [...] washed [...] Mrs [Trent?] got in the clothes

I milked Nellie. Baked light rolls for supper Mrs [Dews?] sent me cabbages & peas * apples [every?] one is so good to us.

This is wrote Thursday. I went to sleep and did not write when I should of done it. Mrs [Edmonds?] and Kate [H?] was here today.

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Wednesday, August  9, 1922

Wednesday, August 9, 1922

A good day. Ben & Jim & Henry suckered tobacco all day. Josie has not felt as well as usual today. Edna & Franklin went to the Store this morning for medicine. They went to Reynols this evening to see about getting Edna dresses fit. There was no one at home but Reubin & Floid[?]. I am intending to go to Gallilee to morrow if nothing happens to hinder, Jim & Ben has gone to Norman Bookers barn tonight. I got some snaps from our cornfield the first [....?]

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Sunday, August 27, 1922

Sunday, August 27, 1922

A rainy day. We all staid at home until twelve. Then Ben & Jim went to Gretna. Ben went for medicine. They went to see Marvin & Carrie. Nellie was at Marvin's. They got home about night. Sarah & Billie Emerson went home late this evening. Hope they got there safe. I got dinner all but the bread. Sarah made and baked the bread. Mrs Car washed the dishes after breakfast & Sarah churned while I milked the cows gathered snaps and killed chickens.

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Saturday, October  7, 1922

Saturday, October 7, 1922

A rainy morning. The rain was badly needed. Jim & Ben & Henry stripped tobacco all day finished Jim's cureing and loaded it on the waggon. Mr Booker & Jim put their tobacco on Mr Bookers waggon. Ben & Jim has gone to Renan & Dr Owens for medicine. I went to see Mrs Hutcherson this evening. She is very sick but feeling some better. Denia was there. Ada & Denia was sheling peas. Miss Ada brought me home on Mrs Hutcherson's car. I was glad to get home so easy. Mabel has had a good time today.

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Tuesday, October 31, 1922

Tuesday, October 31, 1922

A good day. Ben & Jim went to Gretna. Ben went for medicine for Josie this evening. Ben carried some corn to the mill and let me go with him. I fished while they ground the corn. I caught two fish. I put them in the branch clack. Sent Josie a bird for her supper. She eat the bird and then had the head ache. Fannie went to Mount Ainy[?] to a party. Halawene they called it. Mrs Anderson & Fanny Hendricks sent Josie some nice flowers today. She has had a lot of nice flowers sent her.

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Tuesday, January  2, 1923

Tuesday, January 2, 1923

A good day Ben & Jim stripped tobacco all day execpt a little while this morning Ben started to Gretna before light for medicine for Josie he got Home by 9 oclock.

The children went to School Edna is complaining tonight I had a postal from Carrie saying that all of them had bin sick but Marvin. I hope they are better by now

Josie has been bad off all day. Mrs. Kellie & Mrs. Blair come to see Josie They brought her several nice things.

Mollie Reynols come a little while. She gave me a nice pin that she & Julia sought for me & am I proud of it. Hattie washed here today I am glad of that. I have bin busy all day.

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Saturday, January  6, 1923

Saturday, January 6, 1923

A colde day partly cloud Ben & Jim and Henry went to Gretna this morning Ben went for medicine They went to Marvins to see the sick Carrie & the girl was all complaining They carried some butter but could not sell it Brought it meanly back Hattie Gilbert washed some today. Mrs John Hutchenson come to see Josie today. Mollie Reynold(?) come to see her today Brought some grape juice(?). Josie has felt bad all today

Henry shucked a little corn this evening I have bin busy all day except when we had company. Got a calander & almanack (?) from the bank

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Saturday, January 13, 1923

Saturday, January 13, 1923

A good day. The men folks shucked a little corn. Josie has suffered awful today. Ben went to see the dr. this evening and got medicine for her. Mollie Reynolds staid here last night and all day today. Lillian Kent spent the night. Denia Blair came this evening. I have taken things easy to day. Henry went to the store this evening. This morning I saw a hawk catch a hen. I called Ben. He got the gun and shot and killed the hawk. The hen was not much hurt. I let John Ward have a hen this evening. I am so anxious a bout ??? boy. Hope he may get well.

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Thursday, August  2, 1923

Thursday, August 2, 1923

A good day. Very warm. The men hauled logs to the saw mill all day. I staid at home today and done the work. I cooked snaps and corn and potatoes. Went to the corn field for snaps. Could not get them. Johnson Reynolds come this morning and fixed the pohn. Mollie come with him. I was glad that she come. It had been so long since she was here. Jim pulled a water mellon this evening. It was not ripe good. Ben gave the children some medicine tonight. I wrote two letters today. One to John. One to Carrie.

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