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Saturday, January 25, 1919

Saturday, January 25, 1919

A cloudy day. Ben & Jim sawed wood this morning and cleaned up a plantbed place for a potatoe patch this evening. Tonight Ben has gone to Strait Stone to a meeting of the lodge. Jim has gone to Reynold's to meet Nellie. Evyline is at Johnsons.

Josie got dinner. She baked a cake this morning.

I knit some and dodged around all day.

Marvin Smith and Mr Padget come a while tonight. I was glad to have them. Mr. Owen went to Strait Stone this evening he drove Pomp.

9 o'clock

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Friday, December 26, 1919

Friday, December 26, 1919

A good day. Ben hunted some this morning. Kate Harvey come a while today.

I went to Marvins and eat dinner. Mr Padget & Dr Smith and Mrs Smith was there. Carrie had a nice dinner. Had a turkey and ham & cakes of different sorts cranberrie sauce and custard.

Thelma & Mary Brumfield and Jack Harvey come from Richmond to day.

Ben went to Long Island for them. Mr Owen had a dance tonight. Had one at George Hutchersons tonight.

Ben & Jack and Josie and Thelma & Mary and Henry went up there and staid a while. Thelm & Mary brought me a book for 1920. Also a founing pen & some candy. I am glad of them.

11 oclock

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Sunday April  3, 1921

Sunday April 3, 1921

A beautiful day. We all staid at home until noon. Then Ben & family and I went to Strait Stone to preaching. Mr Padget preached. There was a big crowd. I though Jim staid at home. The calf got out of the pasture. Jim found her and brough her home.

We heard this morning that Mr Oaks a primtive Babtist preacher died this morning. I am very sorry. He will be missed so much.

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Sunday May  1, 1921

Sunday May 1, 1921

A cool bad day. Not any thing was hurt by the colde last night.

Josie and Ben and the children went to Jim Powers this evening. Mrs Car started to Lynchburg this evening. Ben carried her to Long Island this evening. Ben & Josie went to Mr Dews this evening a little while. The preacher Mr Street staid at Marvins last night.

I went with Carrie and Marvin to Strait Stone this evening. Mr Padget preached. There was a good many to hear him. I was glad to go.

Jim staid a round here all day.

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Monday May  2, 1921

Monday May 2, 1921

A cloudy cool day. Ben sawed wood at Marvins. Jim worked on his tobacco ground. Josie wet a lot of gingham this morning and ironed it this evening. I went to Mags this evening. Mr Padget even taken me and gave me a ride. I was glad of it. Found all well at Mags. I come by Renan. Hubbard was plowing. Kate Hubbard was freezing cream. I then come by Reynols's. There was no one at home but Julia and children the rest of them was gone to Danville. Kate Harvey went with them. I come by Mr Farthings. Mrs Farthing has nice little girl a week olde. Her name is Elsie May. They had a lot of company. I then come by Marvins and then home. Josie had supper a bout ready.

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Sunday, August  1, 1920

Sunday, August 1, 1920

A cloudy morning. Rain this evening. Jim staid at the barn most of the day. Ben & Charley Harvey worked on Bens car all the morning. This evening I went with Marvin & Carrie to Strait Stone Church. Heard Mr Padget preach. They had a hand stakein [?] with the new members. It rained while we were there. Marvin got stuck in the mud. Several helped him out. Josie kept Carries children. I know among them they gave her a time.

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