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Thursday, July  3, 1919

Thursday, July 3, 1919

A good day and very hot. Ben raked up his hay. Jim and Owen plowed. Josie ironed this morning. Carrie come this evening and brought all the children. Josie & Carrie went after berries. Found the cow in the corn. They got some berries & lots of chickers (dont know how to spell them). Josie made plum jellie this evening. I got up the onions this evening. Henry and Paul helped me put them in the buggy house up stairs.

Mrs Hutcherson started to Richmond this morning. I do hope she may come home a gain.

10 oclock

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Wednesday, September 10, 1919

Wednesday, September 10, 1919

A good day and very warm. Ben & Jack painted the stable & buggy house tops. Jim went to the mill.

Josie got dinner & ironed. I went with Mr Willie Mayhew & wife to Long Island. We all fished some. We did not catch any thing. I am so thankful that they would be troubled with me. I eat dinner with them. The whole trip did not cost me a penny.

Marvin went to Jim Eades and got seed wheat. He brought some for Ben. Marvin went to Long Island and got a bed stead this evening.

10 oclock

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Wednesday, February  4, 1920

Wednesday, February 4, 1920

A very bad day. The men could not do any thing much.

Josie got dinner and supper. I washed dishes.

Josie went to Marvins a few minutes this evening.

I worked on my quilt.

Henry did not go to school. Edna went with the teachers on a buggy.

Ben is workin on a basket to night. 8 oclock

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Saturday, March  4, 1922

Saturday, March 4, 1922

A rainy morning. Rained most of the night. The trees was covered in ice this morning. Not heavy enough to brake them. Josie baked a cake for Nellie. Nellie dressed a chicken to take home with her. I let her have some butter. They borrowed Norman Bookers buggy and started home a bout two oclock in the evening. It has not rained since they left. I do hope that they got to Gretna in time to take the train. At this time the roads is very bad. None of feel good and the wether is depressing on a well person. We should be thankful of the good that we have.

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Thursday, May 18, 1922

Thursday, May 18, 1922

Rainy morning. quit about twelve Ben + Jim planted some tobacco the children choped ptants and Henry planted some carie Sent a piece of goods to make Mabel a chess. Kate + Joace come This evening on Lees buggy I was glad that they come Fannie made Edna a dress today Farmie milk the red cow this morning + tonight that is a gmea help to one she coasties most of the dishes Jose has begin wh doing today oft that she could get well again

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Sunday, July  2, 1922

Sunday, July 2, 1922

A good day. Jim & Nellie went to see Ned Walker this evening. They went on a buggy. Ben went for Mrs. Car. She was at [?] Mrs. Trent & I got dinner by 10 oclock. We thought that Carrie & Effie was coming for dinner. The come this evening. Willie & Effie and two children [?] & family [?] Mollie all was here & Jim Lizzie and Alma & Gordon & [Shirly?]. [?] Fannie [?] [?] come for Edieth. [?] late this evening. I hope they got home safe & sound.

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Wednesday, October  4, 1922

Wednesday, October 4, 1922

A good day. We need rain very bad. Jim & Ben got up Kates pea hay this evening. I am so glad that it is up. I got dinner. Bettie a col girl ironed. Ben carried Ella Hubbard to Mr Towers this morning. Mollie Rey[nolds?] was here this evening. Josie has suffered most of the day. Jim plowed up the potatoes this morning. They are to pick up now. William sent the buggy home this evening by his children. Mabel has a colde. Edna is getting her lesson 8 oclock.

Heard today that Effie has a little girl Born Sep the 30th Josie Gunn.

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Tuesday, December 26, 1922

Tuesday, December 26, 1922

A beautiful day. The boys hunted some. We had no company until about night then Bruce Reynolds and his wife & Julia & Mildred Fergerson come a little while. I got dinner and churned then milked the cows. Did not get any supper. George Barber and Earnest Pool had trouble. Barber drove into Pools buggy. Did not hurt any one much. The horse ran away. I hope they may settle with out a fuss. Henry has gone to Reynols tonight.

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Thursday, May  3, 1923

Thursday, May 3, 1923

A good day. Ben planted corn this morning. Jim worked in the garden. This evening Ben and I went to the school house. They had a play over there. The school closed today. I think they had a good school. I have not heard anyone find fault with the principle. Mr. Booker brought Edna Franklin and I home on his machine. Mabel went to school today for her first time. She wanted to come home with her dady on the buggy. There was was a lot of my folks there. I was glad to see all of them. Jim planted beans today and pumpkin seed.

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Thursday, May 24, 1923

Thursday, May 24, 1923

A cloudy day. No rain to do any good. The folks planted tobacco half the day. They plowed in the corn this evening. Jim planted potatoe slips. I was disapointed this evening. I wanted to go to [Ehels?] but had no way to go. Mrs Booker went on the buggy. I got [Beaulas?] babyes picture. She is pretty. I was glad of the picture. Glad to be remembered. I sewed a little this evening. We need a lot of sewing here but I dont know how it is to get done. Jim got a letter from Nel to day. The children brought a little chicken home today.

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Friday, October 26, 1923

Friday, October 26, 1923

A beautiful day. The men worked on tobacco all day and are tying tonight. Henry has started to Straight Stone tonight on a car his first trip by him self. I hope that nothing may happen to him. Kate Harvey went from here this morning. I am so glad that she come to spend the night with us. I picked up all of the walnuts today. The men and the children Edna and Franklin put them in the buggy house up stairs. Henry come by the store tonight. He got a piece of meat and matches.

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