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Monday, August 19, 1918

Monday, August 19, 1918

Rain this morning. Clear tonight. Ben Paul and Henry and I tied primings this morning and Josie helped this evening as long as we could tie. They dried out. Josie got dinner.

Ben and Paul went to Lee Brumfields this evening. The buggy wheel broke as they come home.

I went to see Pauls tobacco this evening for the first time. It looks good to me. I am glad of the good crop that is on the place hope it can be taken care of and may do all a lot of good.

11 oclock

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Saturday, October 19, 1918

Saturday, October 19, 1918

A good day cool and windy. Ben went to Chatham this morning. Come home and hauled a load of wood.

Mr Owen went to the mill at White Falls did not get his grinding.

Posie Johnson has bin sick heard this evening that Posie Reynolds is sick.

Paul Josie and I stripped tobacco most of the day.

I finished digging the sweet potatoes and Paul hauled them home on the wheel barrow. Chesley Edmons come by here this evening to tell us good by he has got to go to training camp Monday.

9 oclock

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Tuesday, December 10, 1918

Tuesday, December 10, 1918

A cloudy day but no rain. Ben worked on Owens house. Josie staid at home and worked all day.

Ben carried me to Johnson Reynolds be fore light this morning. I went with them to Danville. We was at Spring Garden be fore it was light good. We saw lots of pretty things. I did not by much. Eat supper at Mollies and enjoyed it. The boys Robert and Floyd got them a bycicle to day.

I am at home to night O K. Miss Janie is here to night. I enjoy having her.

8 oclock

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Friday, December 13, 1918

Friday, December 13, 1918

A cloudy day. Ben has bin complaining all day.

Mr Owen and Marvin and William Gilbert killed two hogs for Ben this evening.

Josie got dinner. I cleaned up the smoke house then I took he fat off the intrils and cleaned the feet of the hogs.

Ben carried Miss Janie home and got Mr Jim Emersons tining tools. He wants to cover Owens house soon.

Henry and Edna went to school to day. Floyd Reynolds come by here this evening and got a few eggs. He was on his bycicle. I feel like I know he broke them.

8 oclock

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Saturday, March  8, 1919

Saturday, March 8, 1919

A cloudy day and raining to night. The men folks cut until twelve then Jim & Ben hauled some stalks and corn.

Josie & Ben and Franklin went to Jim Powers. Henry & I staid at home all the morning then Henry went to Marvins and I went to Owens.

To night Ben & Marvin has gone to the lodge at Strait Stone I know they will get wet. Josie says she has never seen the roads as bad as they were today. Reese Smith has bought him a bycicle.

Johnson Reynolds has gone to Norfork to see Julia Fergerson. I feel like I know how glad she will be to see him. I hope he will see John B.

10: oclock

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Tuesday, September  9, 1919

Tuesday, September 9, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim and Jack Harvey moved some tobacco this morning. Franklin fell out of the waggon in the wheel and got hurt right bad. This evening Jim went to White Falls to the mill.

Ben & Jack finished painting the roof of the house.

Josie washed a good washing for her to do.

Carrie and all the children but Reese come down here. I killed & dressed a chicken and dug some potatoes and went to the orchard and got a basket of apples.

I am counting on going fishing in the morning.

9 oclock

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Sunday, October 26, 1919

Sunday, October 26, 1919

A good day. Very warm for the time of year.

Josie & I got dinner.

Nellie went home this evening. Ben carried her to Gretna. Jim and Franklin went.

I went to Marvins a few minutes. Ren & Ethel and all their children come a while this evening. I was glad to see them.

We agreed to take a negro girl to help us. She came this morning to see us.

Lawson Emerson & Jo Edmons come this evening to see Henry.

Aubra & Emet Brumfield was at Marvins this evening and Irvin Harvey. They had a time riding wheels.

9 oclock

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Sunday, November 16, 1919

Sunday, November 16, 1919

A bright day. Ben carried Mrs. Car home this morning. Josie & three of the children went two. Jim and I went to Marvins and eat dinner. Henry went two after dinner. Henry & Reese and Paul went to Ren Worshams.

Rees went to Strait Stone on his wheel.

Jim & Marvin went to a crab apple tree. Jim had the children bite them. They thought it fun.

All have gone to bed so I guess I had better go.

9 oclock

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Saturday January  1, 1921

Saturday January 1, 1921

A beautiful day for January. We was all at home for dinner. Henry traded his wheel for type writer. He is carried a way with it. Ben and Josie went to Strait Stone late this evening. While they were gone Charles Harvey and Miss Virginia Moses come. They wanted the records for the phonogarapth. They was on their way to Lee Brumfield. Guess they will dance there tonight.

I ironed some today.

I thought this morning we would have a rainy day. It was partly cloudy and a plain rain bow. It rained a little and cleared off.

Ben or Josie one are typewriteing now.

8:30 oclock

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Wednesday July  6, 1921

Wednesday July 6, 1921

A good day. Had a little shower this evening. Jim & Ben finished plowing corn today. Jim helped pick berries this evening. Ben worked on the shelters at the barn. He went to Clack Hubbards and got some nails and sugar. Christenia Reynols was here this evening. She come on a bycile. Henry could not let it a lone.

I went to Marvins a few minutes this evening. Carrie had washed today. Josie done a big washing this morning. Nellie caned some berries this morning.

9 oclock

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Sunday, September  5, 1920

Sunday, September 5, 1920

A cloudy day. Jim staid at the barn. Ben brought a wheel barrow load of water mellons to the house. I got most of the dinner. Fried chicken and made coffee and bread. Josie baked a cake. Roy Smith was very sick this morning. They called in the Dr. He is better this evening. Josie & the children and I went up there this evening. Jim went to the barn tonight.

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Thursday, December  9, 1920

Thursday, December 9, 1920

A cloudy morning. The trees was covered with ice that is all gone to night. Jim is in Chatham we think. Ben worked on Henrys bycicle then split a little wood. Went rabbit hunting late this evening. Did not kill any thing. I have bin busy all day. I got breakfast, milked the cows, cut up two pumpkins, put them on to cook, cleaned a hogs face, put that and haslet on to cook then got dinner then churned, put on some spar ribs to boil, watered the calf, changed the water that chidlins was in. By that time my hogs face was done. Picked the bones out and made scrapple. Took up my pumpkin and washed up the things that I used. Brought in some wood. Went to the spring twice. Josie got supper. Mrs. Car and Josie washed dishes.

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Sunday, December 19, 1920

Sunday, December 19, 1920

A good day. All of the family staid at home until dinner except Henry. He went to Lee Brumfields and from there to Clide Reynols. He went on his wheel to Lees. Put in a barn and some one took it. I went to George Blairs. Did not see any of but Denia and Frank. Edna had made a fire and was going to the spring when I got home. All the Blair girls was gone to Strait Stone and Rens. Cordie was at Rens.

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Monday, December 20, 1920

Monday, December 20, 1920

A very good day. Ben & Jim shucked corn and hauled feed all day. I got dinner & ironed a little and churned. Fixed up the butter. Josie went to Carries. They made Franklin a suit I think is beautiful for them to make. Ben carried Josie and went after her. Henry went to school. He got his wheel a gain. Mr Field did not teach to day. The patrons met to night to decide a bout his teaching after xmas. Beatris Owen was here a while this evening. The baby done fine for her while Josie was gone.

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Monday, June  5, 1922

Monday, June 5, 1922

A good day Jim & Ben plowed corn. [Mr.?] Trent is here as help. [Mark? & Floyd] come for cherries virginia come for cherries. Billie Brumfield & Pete White come on a visit Mrs. Lews and [Denia Bluin] & Mrs. [Mamie] Hutchenson & three children come to see Josie. The Dr. Owen has been to see Josie to night. She is feeling some better now. Mabel has a very bad colde to night I went to the plant bed this evening for salit. [Ovell ] it is time I was [wheel]

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Thursday, February  1, 1923

Thursday, February 1, 1923

A cloudy day. The boys finished sawing wood by twelve oclock. Cleaned out the stables this evening. Boy Barbers wife was buried this evening. No one from here did not go to the burial. Nellie got dinner. Then sewed on her quilt. I cut up the stair way carpet and will make rugs of it. Lelia sent the clothes home by John. They were done very good. The children went to school. Edna got a letter from Aunt Ella today. Mabel has been very good for her. Tonight she was running after a wheel and hurt her self. Did not any supper.[sic]

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