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Sunday, May 26, 1918

Sunday, May 26, 1918

A good day.

Ben and Josie Edna and Franklin went to Strait Stone to preaching. Henry and I staid at home. I got a snack for dinner. After dinner Mr and Mrs Mayhew come. Ben and Mr Mayhew played croquet.

I went to see Carrie a little while. Marvin carried Mrs Rice home this evening. Alma Bennett went home to day.

Paul Bennett went to George Blairs for dinner from preaching.

10 oclock

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Friday, July  5, 1918

Friday, July 5, 1918

A good day. Ben stacked his oats to day and finished plowing corn for him self and Owen. Plowed some in the garden. Josie ironed and got dinner most all of it. I got a new dress. Alma Bennett sent it this evening by mail.

I went to Carries a while and then to Posie Reynolds. I carried Mrs Rice a bonnett that Alma Bennett made the bonnett. Carrie Smith furnished the material and gave it to Mrs Rice. Posie and his mother was gone to Chatham.

I had a letter from Ola (Bennett) Jefferson .

We are having some rain to night and need it two.

11 oclock

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