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Sunday, September  8, 1918

Sunday, September 8, 1918

A cloudy day and some rain. Ben and Paul made fires under the tobacco this morning. Josie and [I] got dinner.

Josie went to Mr Powers this evening. Henry Blair brought Mary and Bill from Long Island to Mrs Hendricks and Josie brought them here. Miss Alice Wooding and Mrs Winston come this evening. Carrie and the children come a few minutes.

Dews and Mayhew and George Hutcherson come and played croquet.

9 oclock

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Monday, April 28, 1919

Monday, April 28, 1919

A good day and warmer.

Ben & Jim & Owen worked on some corn land all the morning. This evening Ben carried Josie and Henry and I to Cedar Forest. Josie done some dealing at Mrs Hendricks then went to Jim Powers. I fished. Did not catch any much. Ben paid Ren Worsham for the guano this evenin. Josie got salit for dinner. I went to Mollies this morning. Guess we will go to Portsmoth tomorrow.

The olde hog eat my hen today that had some little chickens. I am so sorry that she will eat chickins.

10 oclock

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Wednesday, September 13, 1922

Wednesday, September 13, 1922

A beautiful day. The men cut corn. The children went to school. School commened at Renan to day. Nellie & Edna done the milking. Daisy and I done the cooking. Mabel staid with Mrs Car most of the morning. John Hutchersons children come this evening and got twe kittens. I hope they can rais them. [Ella?] Mayhew come a little while and played with the children. Josie was very sick today. Ben went to Mrs Hendricks and got her some ice. He went quick.

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Monday, June  4, 1923

Monday, June 4, 1923

A good day. The boys watered the plant beds. Then got up some hay. Ben went to Strait Stone this morning for things to cook with mostly. This evening he carried the three smallest children and I to Cedar Forest. I fished in the pond. Caught a few little fish. Ben and the children went to Jim Powers. Miss Mollie Moon was buried today. I met Mrs Anderson and we talked a while. I thought she looked so pretty. He clothes was so becoming to her We stopped at Mrs Hendricks a few minutes. Got home ok.

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