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Tuesday, October  1, 1918

Tuesday, October 1, 1918

A good day. We all stripped tobacco half of the day. Josie put new straw in some of the bed ticks and picked some pears. I went to George Blairs found all of the girls sick not in bed but should have bin. Mrs Anderson and Lizzie was there.

Mrs Anderson commenced a sweater for her boy Asa.

Ben and Owen helped Marvin strip tobacco this evening.

8 oclock

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Tuesday January  4, 1921

Tuesday January 4, 1921

A good day. Ben and Jim stripped tobacco all day. Some of the neighbors worked the road. Josie went to George Blairs. Denia was gone to see Mrs Anderson. Josie said they was just as nice to her as could be. Ethel sent me a nice cup & sauser for a xmas gift.

We started a box to Effie Brumfield today. I hope she may get it ok.

The children went to school a gain today. Heard this morning that Clack Hubbards baby is very sick. I hope he may get well soon.

Julia Fergerson is still at home on account of her baby being bad off with a cough. I have bin reading tonight.

11 oclock

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Friday April 29, 1921

Friday April 29, 1921

A cloudy day. The men folks could not do much of any thing. This evening Ben carried Henry & Reese and I to Cedar Forest to fish. There was people there seining. We fished a little in the pond. A cloud began to gather and I was a fraid to stay so we come home and then it did not rain much.

The school closed at Strait Stone this evening. There was a big crowd there. We did not stop there. Mrs Anderson and Mrs Blair went to see Mrs Edmons this evening.

Josie ironed all the morning. Ben went to Hubbards store and got a nice lot of fish. Josie fried some for supper. I did not eat any to night.

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Monday August  8, 1921

Monday August 8, 1921

A good day. A little rain this morning. John & Edwin went from here this mornin. Ben & Jim worked on the floor all day. Ben went for cement late this evening. Josie went with him. The children staid at Marvins. I went to George Blairs this evening. They had a lot of company.

Lettie & her children was there. Mrs Anderson & Maud and Lizzie, Sallie Blair, Letcher and Ernest Craddock. Tim and Lizzie Bennett come by on their way home from the Red House.

Georges folks had plenty of water mellons. They had a nice supper ready. I don't know how many eat. I had to come home.

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Tuesday December 27, 1921

Tuesday December 27, 1921

A good day. Ben & family staid at home the most of the day. Miss Willie Wooding & Virginia Wooding come a while this morning. I did not see them. I would of liked to of bin at home. I went to George Blairs this morning. Mr Norman Booker carried me a part of the way. Georges folks had company. Mr & Mrs Anderson was there. Ren Worsham & family, Ernest Craddock and family, Nettie Hendricks and baby, Otho & Sallie. They had very good dinner. Plenty of everything that they needed. I think all enjoyed them selves. George Jr[?] brought me home. I was glad. I did so much want to see some of Marvins folks today. Ethel Worsham gave me a pair of gloves for a Xmas gift.

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Sunday, June 25, 1922

Sunday, June 25, 1922

A good day. We all staid at home. Mr. Trent & I got dinner. We cooked snaps & [potatos?] and beets friend chickens made apple dumplings Mrs. Anderson & Denia Blair come to see Josie. Miss Janie and Anna Hubbard and Rob & Ella and Mr. Sam all come to see Josie. Mrs. Lewis sent her some nice peaches. Miss Anna brought her a box of tomatoes & some light bread. Charley Harvey brought Carrie here a few minutes. I was so glad she come. I had thought of her all day.

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Friday, August  4, 1922

Friday, August 4, 1922

A good day. the boys shod horses 7 plowed a little in the garden. This evening Ben carried Jim & Nellie to Gretna. Nellie would go home and Jim went with her. Mrs Anderson & Fannie Hendricks come to see Josie this evening. Carrie and the children come to see us this evening. I was so glad that they come. Mrs Car and Nellie & Josie peeled a lot of little pears today. I intend pickling and preserving them in the morning. I will miss Nellie tomorrow. Will make out some way.

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Tuesday, October 31, 1922

Tuesday, October 31, 1922

A good day. Ben & Jim went to Gretna. Ben went for medicine for Josie this evening. Ben carried some corn to the mill and let me go with him. I fished while they ground the corn. I caught two fish. I put them in the branch clack. Sent Josie a bird for her supper. She eat the bird and then had the head ache. Fannie went to Mount Ainy[?] to a party. Halawene they called it. Mrs Anderson & Fanny Hendricks sent Josie some nice flowers today. She has had a lot of nice flowers sent her.

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Wednesday, December  6, 1922

Wednesday, December 6, 1922

A good day. Jim stripped tobacco. Ben carried Mrs Car to Long Island. She intends going to Lynchley[?]. I hope she may keep well and come back soon. Fanny is taking care of Josie. Nellie sent a box to Evylin today. I got a snack to eat for dinner. I ironed most of the evening. Denia Blair sent Mabel some papers to cut up and a bag of rags that Mrs Anderson sent for Josie. Henry caught a rabbit this morning. I was glad of it.

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Monday, June  4, 1923

Monday, June 4, 1923

A good day. The boys watered the plant beds. Then got up some hay. Ben went to Strait Stone this morning for things to cook with mostly. This evening he carried the three smallest children and I to Cedar Forest. I fished in the pond. Caught a few little fish. Ben and the children went to Jim Powers. Miss Mollie Moon was buried today. I met Mrs Anderson and we talked a while. I thought she looked so pretty. He clothes was so becoming to her We stopped at Mrs Hendricks a few minutes. Got home ok.

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Sunday, June 10, 1923

Sunday, June 10, 1923

A good day. Henry went to Johnsons. Ben and the children went to Cedar Forest. They stoppe at the church. Then went to Jim Powers for dinner. Jim staid at home. Mrs. Booker and Mrs Anderson come to see me. I would of bin glad to seen them. Gordon and Earl come after me and carried me to George Blains. Lizzie was there and Earl and his wife was there. Dorathy and Ruth Worshan was there. They are pretty girls. I was so glad to get to go. Jim and I was eating dinner when they come. Cary and Shirly was with them. Frances was there.

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Sunday, August 12, 1923

Sunday, August 12, 1923

A cloudy day. Rain tonight. Jim and Nellie staid here. Nellie got dinner. The children staid at home except Henry. He Went to Sunday school. Ben carried me to Earl Bennetts. Earl had a lot of nice mellons. Lizzie had a good dinner. Tim and Lizzie and Alma and Gordon and family all was at Earls for dinner. Mrs. Anderson and Denia come over there this evening. Earl brought me home tonight. I was sorry to put him to so much trouble but I can't help my self. I hope Earl got home and did not get wet.

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Sunday, September  9, 1923

Sunday, September 9, 1923

A beautiful day. Jim and Ben both staid at the barns all day. Nellie and I got dinner. Henry went with Joe Edmons to Cedar Forest. I went to George Blairs. Otho and Sallie was there. They [sic] Denia and Isla and Cordie and Sallie and I went to Earl Bennet. Otho drove the car for us. Mrs Anderson and Jennie come over there. I was glad to be with them. Earl was cureing tobacco for the first time on Sunday. I cant think it so much harm as somethings that they do. Edna and Mabel and Franklin come to Georges but there was no one at home. Otho brought me home.

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