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Saturday, October 12, 1918

Saturday, October 12, 1918

Cloudy today and some rain. Ben got up part of his pea hay and part got wet. We got dinner when we got breakfast thought we would strip tobacco. It was so dry that we could not handle it. Josie sewed some.

I dug some potatoes.

Reese and Henry helped me and we built a pig pen and got up the pigs and they got out.

Ben and Owen went a squirrel hunting. Killed four. Ben kept 2 and then would not skin them. So I did it.

Heard to day that Alma and Lonnie are sick. Had a letter from Mary Brumfield. They were well when she wrote. Hope that they may stay so.

9 30 oclock

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Saturday, October 26, 1918

Saturday, October 26, 1918

A cloudy day. Ben hauled some stalks and put them on the wheat land this morning. All the rest of us tied tobacco. This evening Mr Owen went to the mill for flour. We had corn bread for breakfast this morning. I know we should be thankful for that but we have not bin used to it and do not like it.

We tied all the tobacco that was in the pit then I went to Carries and Ben and Paul went squirrel hunting. They killed nine squirrels.

Kate Harvey come a few minutes this evening.

To night Ben has gone with Marvin to Strait Stone.

9 oclock

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Friday, August  8, 1919

Friday, August 8, 1919

A good day. The men folks finished pulling leaves to day. Edwin went squirrel hunting this morning. He killed two squirrels.

Josie got dinner and finished Ednas dress & dressed Ednas doll very nicely.

John went with me fishing the first time and I expect it will be the last time. We came by Jim Thomsons and saw him and all of his family. Jim gave us a nice basket of apples. We caught several little fish.

Doris Brumfield is here tonight. She is visiting Christenia Brumfield.

10: oclock

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Saturday, October 25, 1919

Saturday, October 25, 1919

A cloudy day. The men stripped tobacco to day. Josie got dinner and supper. Nellie brough the water.

This evening Ben carried Henry and I to White Falls. I caught 30 fish. Henry caught five. Ben killed two squirrels.

I got three letters to day. One from Effie, John, & Julia Fergerson. I am always so glad to get letters.

I dug the bait to fish with. Edna helped me get them. She is a good help when she will.

8 oclock

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