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Saturday, February  8, 1919

Saturday, February 8, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim went to Mr Hutcherson. Woodings and got a pig then stripped tobacco a while then fixed to go to Chatham. Marvin went with them. They got some [logs?/dogs?] Ben & Tim Emerson went to Strait Stone to the lodge. They have just got home now.

I helped to strip tobacco nearly all day. Henry B & Luke and Norman Owen tied for me this evening. We had finished what was in the pit and was on our way to the house when Mr Jim Emerson & Sarah Emerson and two children come. I was glad to see them.

Josie got dinner. I heard this evening that Denia Blair is sick. I am very sorry to hear it. Hope she may get well soon. I want to go to see her soon.

11: oclock

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Sunday, February  9, 1919

Sunday, February 9, 1919

A cloudy day and a little snow. Jim and Sarah Emerson & two children went from here this morning. They went to Mrs Graveleys. Ben went to Marvins and while he was gone Willie Brumfield come. He eat dinner with us then Ben carried him by Robert Laynes and to Long Island on his way to Richmond. I was glad that he come that long.

After Ben and Willie went a way Josie and I and the children went to Marvins a while. Ben come home at dark to night.

8 30 oclock

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Thursday, March 20, 1919

Thursday, March 20, 1919

A windy day and a little rain. Owen plowed all day. Ben & Jim ditched some. Ben went to Renan twice after plow fixtures.

Cordie Blair come a little while. She wanted flower bulbs.

Denia Blair come as far as Carries. Josie and I went up there. Kate Harvey come to Marvins a little while.

I cut some salit this evening. I want to write to Sarah to night.

9 oclock

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Sunday, September 14, 1919

Sunday, September 14, 1919

A good day. Ben went to look for Sl[??]. Jim went to the barn.

Josie was sick this morning. I got a snack for dinner.

Josie & Ben all the children went to Jim Powers this evening. Marvin & Carrie and all the children and I went to John Emersons this evening. Sarah & the children was at home. They went for John. Mr & Mrs ?asor come there. I was glad to see them. I am glad that John & Sarah are doing as well as it seems that they are. The children all seem to be nice & polite. I certainly do wish them all well. Fanny is at school.

9:10 oclock

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Saturday March 19, 1921

Saturday March 19, 1921

A good day. Cloudy but no rain. Jim and Ben cleaned up land and plowed most of the day. Mr Jim Emerson and Sarah Emerson come today. I was glad to see them. Denia Blair come this morning and brought a basket of apples. We were glad to get them.

Hugh Brumfield would of gone with me fishing if I could of went. I am glad that I staid at home. Carrie and the children come a little while late this evening. Henry brought me two boxes from Owens house this morning.

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Sunday, August  8, 1920

Sunday, August 8, 1920

A good day. Jim staid at the barn most of the day. Ben went to George Blairs and helped Earl Bennett work on his car. John Emerson and Sarah and four of their children come here today. I was glad to see them. Hugh Brumfield come to see Henry today. Josie & the children and I went to Marvins late this evening. The children tried them selves. 8:30 oclock

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Saturday, September  4, 1920

Saturday, September 4, 1920

A good day. The men folks moved tobacco. Josie helped them all the evening. Josie got dinner. She cooked snaps and turnip salit. I went to see Mr Owens baby this morning. They called the Dr to see it. He is very sick. I went to see Sarah Emerson this evening. Henry & Hellen Brumfield went. Reese Smith carried us. He is a good driver. I eat supper with Carrie to night. Jim is at the barn tonight.

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Saturday, August 26, 1922

Saturday, August 26, 1922

A good day. The men worked on the tobacco until twelve. This evening Ben carried the children and I to White Falls. I fished some. Caught four little fish. The river was very mudy. It had bin all out of the banks. Mr Johnson & Roach[?] was at work to get the things out that had washed in the mill so that they could not grind. Sarah & Billie Emerson come to night. I am glad to see Sarah. We had turnip salit for dinner to day.

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Sunday, August 27, 1922

Sunday, August 27, 1922

A rainy day. We all staid at home until twelve. Then Ben & Jim went to Gretna. Ben went for medicine. They went to see Marvin & Carrie. Nellie was at Marvin's. They got home about night. Sarah & Billie Emerson went home late this evening. Hope they got there safe. I got dinner all but the bread. Sarah made and baked the bread. Mrs Car washed the dishes after breakfast & Sarah churned while I milked the cows gathered snaps and killed chickens.

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Sunday, May  6, 1923

Sunday, May 6, 1923

A good day. Ben went to Gretna this morning to take the train to go to the lodge in Tennessee. I do hope he may make the trip o.k. Henry went to the Sunday School this morning. The rest of us staid at home until after twelve. Edna and Franklin and Mabel and I went to Mr. Edmons. John and Sarah Emerson and three children and Mr. Trent come here. Walter Emerson come for me to come. I was glad to see them. I get so lonesome I cant hardly stay at home. Henry has gone to Uncle Johnson Reynols to carrie Floids [cap/car?] home.

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