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Monday, September  1, 1919

Monday, September 1, 1919

A good day. Ben & Owen moved tobacco all the morning. This evening they pulled leaves in Bens tobacco. Tonight they will stay with Owens tobacco. Jim has bin at the barns all day.

Josie sewed some this morning. This evening she went to Marvins. Today is Paul Smiths birthday. He is seven years olde.

This evening I went to George Blairs. Isla & Cordie was at home. Denia was at Ren Worshams. Beatris & Gladis Owen was there. The girls gave us some peaches & mellons. They were as nice to us as they could be.

Marvin was stripping tobacco but it dried out so he quit. Ben & Marvin has gone to Strait Stone to night.

10 oclock

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Friday, July 30, 1920

Friday, July 30, 1920

A good day. The men folks pulled leaves. Ben & Jim, Owen and boys. Marvin & William, Henry, Reese, and Elic [?] filled a house and pulled some for another. Josie ironed most of the day. Carrie & the children went to meeting. Reese drives the car. They come down here a little while. I have jobed a round as usual. 9 oclock

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Tuesday, August  3, 1920

Tuesday, August 3, 1920

A good day. Jim worked all day. Ben went with me to Chatham. Kate Harvey went with us. We eat dinner at Nellies. Nellie and Evylin come home with us. Josie staid and got dinner. This evening Josie and Carrie went to see Mollie. They walked up there. Reese met them with the car and brought them home. Marvin commenced to pull leaves today. 9 oclock

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Wednesday, August  4, 1920

Wednesday, August 4, 1920

A good day. Marvin pulled leaves. Jim & Ben & Owen helped him. Reese carried Nell & Josie to Jim Thomsons. They got a bout two bushels of peaches. This evening Nellie and I peeled them. Josie helped in the tobacco all the evening or until they finished. Christenia Reynols & Doris Brum come a little while. They got some tomatoes. 9 oclock

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Saturday, August 14, 1920

Saturday, August 14, 1920

A cloudy day and rain this evening. The men pulled leaves. Josie got dinner & caned tomatoes. I made some jellie. Josie ironed some. Earl Bennett come over here a while. He is at George Blairs tonight. I killed two chickens to cook in the morning. Josie made some nice pies. I intend going to Richmond to morrow if nothing happens to hinder. 8 oclock

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