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Thursday, October  3, 1918

Thursday, October 3, 1918

A good day. Ben and Owen and Marvin went to South Boston to day. Carried tobacco on their cars. They had some trouble but got there in time to sell. They were very well pleased with the sales. Got home a good while before night.

Josie done a big washing this morning. To night she has sick headache. I commenced a sock for Kate to send to Charlie Harvey. I went to Marvins a little while this evening. There is sickness nearly every where at this time. I do hope that the people may soon get well.

9 oclock

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Wednesday, February 19, 1919

Wednesday, February 19, 1919

A beautiful day.

Willie Mayhew and Ben Brumfield started to South Boston this evening with Paul Bennetts tobacco and some for Marvin Smith. That is all the tobacco that they have to sell.

Jim cut wood all day. Owen plowed this evening.

Josie went to see Mollie Reynolds this evening.

Franklin has been feeling bad to day. Janie Brumfield come with Henry home to night from school. They are having a big time tonight.

I had a letter from John Brumfield to day.

8:30 oclock

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Thursday, February 20, 1919

Thursday, February 20, 1919

A colde cloudy day.

Owen plowed. Jim cut wood.

Ben come from South Boston this evening. He his is not feeling well tonight. He solde Pauls tobacco to day. I don't know what it brought. He has not tolde me. Irvin Lewis come this morning and got my calf. I paid him one dollar to carrie it.

Marvin carried Kates chickens to Long Island this morning. Virginia went with him. Marvin brought Jims pigs from Renan this evening. Lewis brought them from Gretna

I went to Kates today and to see Mag. She was not at home. I come home with Marvin on the car.

9 oclock

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Friday, July  4, 1919

Friday, July 4, 1919

A good day. The men folks all plowed. Josie got dinner. She cooked snaps and cymblins and potatoes and beets and baked apples. This evening I went with Gladdis and Hugh and Aubry Brumfield fishing. We caught a lot of little fish.

I come by Blairs. The men folks was stackin hay & oats. Several of the people a round went to Gretna & Altavista and some to South Boston.

Jim planted some corn & beans this evening.

10 30 O clock

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Monday, September 22, 1919

Monday, September 22, 1919

A good day. Rain tonight. It is badly needed. Ben & Jim stripped tobacco all day and they are at the barn tonight tieing tobacco.

Mr. Owen went to the island for guano. Josie and I got dinner. Kate Harvey eat dinner with us. I was glad to have her with us. Josie walked with her as far as Marvins. Henry and Edna went to school to day, the first day of this term.

Tom Edmons went to South Boston with tobacco this morning. I got a letter from Fannie Emerson. Was glad to get it. I am always glad to hear from any of the folks that is a way from home.

8:30 oclock

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Tuesday, October  7, 1919

Tuesday, October 7, 1919

A beautiful day. Jim & Ben stripped tobacco. Owen loaded some on Mr Mayhews truck to day. They are going to South Boston.

Mollie and Christenia Reynolds come a little while to day. Mrs Owen & Mrs Dews come a few minutes this evening. Mrs Car washed dishes for me today and that was a big help.

I washed the babys flanels this evening.

Jim & Ben went to the barn to nigh to tie tobacco.

I have wrote a letter to Letcher Craddock to night.

9:5 oclock

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Wednesday, October  8, 1919

Wednesday, October 8, 1919

Cloudy most of the day but no rain yet. Ben & Jim stripped tobacco all day. Ben went to the store just at night. Charles Harvey come and staid a while. Marvin solde his car this morning.

Kate come this evening a few minutes. Carrie come and brought me some peas. I shelled them tonight. Mr. Owen did not come home from Boston to day.

Lee Brumfield went to Danville to day. Effie & Beaulah commenced teaching school to day.

9: oclock

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Tuesday, November 25, 1919

Tuesday, November 25, 1919

A cloudy day. We all stripped tobacco all day. Bess (col) washed. Josie got dinner.

Marvin went to Boston with his last tobacco. Charley Hutcherson carried it.

Jim & Ben has not come from the farm yet tonight. Josie is sowing.

I wrote Fannie Emerson tonight.

7:30 oclock

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Wednesday, November 26, 1919

Wednesday, November 26, 1919

A cloudy day & some rain. We all stripped tobacco most of the day and finished this years crop. Marvin Smith solde all of his crop today at Boston. Was well pleased with the prices.

Josie got dinner. I went to see Carrie a few minutes this evening.

Ben has gone to Willie Mayhews to night.

Jim went to Marvins and probably to Renan.

The teacher of Renan school has gone to Richmond to a teachers meeting.

Henry & Edna went to the school house to day.

8:15 oclock

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Monday, December  1, 1919

Monday, December 1, 1919

A bright day. Jim & Ben loaded Mr Mayhews truck with their tobacco and they started to Boston this evening. I do hope that they will get on OK.

Henry & Edna went to school.

Josie & I fed the hogs tonight. Josie got supper.

Bessie (col) did not come in until a bout night.

I was at Carries a few minutes this morning.

8:30 oclock

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Monday, October  4, 1920

Monday, October 4, 1920

4 day cutting

A good day. Jim and Ben finished cutting corn and shockin it. This evening Ben went to Gretna. I went with him to White Falls. Caught 19 fish. We were at Mount Airy at dark. Got home OK and Ben has gone hunting. Josie got dinner. I picked some peas. Bettie Haley washed here today. Josie went to Marvins this evening. Owen solde tobacco in Boston to day.

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Monday, November 29, 1920

Monday, November 29, 1920

A cloudy bad day. No rain. Ben carried Ella Hubard to Cedar Forest. Franklin went with him. Jim & Ben loaded John Hutchersons truck with tobacco this morning. Jim went with him to South Boston. Mollie Reynols come this morning. She lost her spectacles on her way here. She went part of the way back and found them. She stoped at Carries. Edna and I went with her. Carrie was makeing the girls some aprons. Mr Dews come to see Mrs Car a bout moveing to her place that he rented [?]

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Tuesday, November 30, 1920

Tuesday, November 30, 1920

A very rainy day. Ben worked on his car this morning. Helped Marvin tie tobacco a while this evening. We are out of wood. Have not got any corn shucked. Jim come home from South Boston just as wet as could be. John Hutcherson got in the creek with his truck and hiered Edward to pull him out. I am sorry for Jim and cant help him and he would not let me if I could.

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