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Tuesday, February 19, 1918

Tuesday, February 19, 1918

A cloudy day, Some rain. Ben went with Henry to Blairs this morning. Henry went to school. I have lost the smoke house key. Ben brought a key from Blairs but it would not unlock the door. Don't know what we will do about it yet. Ben and Owen went to the mill this evening with corn. Got their meal.

Josie sewed on her quilt. I got a snack for dinner churned and jobed a round most of the day. Ben went with Willie Mayhew to John Hutchersons to night. Josie and the children are all abed and I am going soon.

9 oclock

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Wednesday, February 20, 1918

Wednesday, February 20, 1918

Rain this morning. Clear by twelve. Ben opened the smoke house door this morning and hung up the meat. We have not found the key yet. Hope we may find it yet.

Josie washed some to day. I got dinner and kept the children. Kate Harvey come a while. I was glad to see her. Ben and Owen went to a cutting match this evening. They cut for Tom Peak at Mr Woodings.

9 10 oclock

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Friday, December 13, 1918

Friday, December 13, 1918

A cloudy day. Ben has bin complaining all day.

Mr Owen and Marvin and William Gilbert killed two hogs for Ben this evening.

Josie got dinner. I cleaned up the smoke house then I took he fat off the intrils and cleaned the feet of the hogs.

Ben carried Miss Janie home and got Mr Jim Emersons tining tools. He wants to cover Owens house soon.

Henry and Edna went to school to day. Floyd Reynolds come by here this evening and got a few eggs. He was on his bycicle. I feel like I know he broke them.

8 oclock

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Wednesday February  9, 1921

Wednesday February 9, 1921

A bad day. Rained morning and evening. Jim hung up the meat ready to smoke. Ben helped Marvin hang up his. Then they stripped tobacco the rest of the day. I got dinner. Killed a chicken and cooked beans. Josie made Edna a dress. She is proud of it.

Mr Sam Owen went to Gretna with his last tobacco. I was uneasy a bout the tobacco. So a fraid it would get wet. It solde very well and he got home about night. Henry and Edna went to school.

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Saturday, February  4, 1922

Saturday, February 4, 1922

A good day but it is raining tonight. Jim & Ben & Henry cut a little today. Jim commenced to smoke the meat today. Ben put a heater in his room. Mr Mayhew was here tonight. Ben & the children played games with him until ten oclock or near that. I got dinner today. Edna washed the dishes this morning & at dinner. Josie starched & ironed some. Today I mended some things. Ben milked for me this morning. There is so much mud that I cant get a round much.

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Thursday, February  8, 1923

Thursday, February 8, 1923

Cloudy most of the day. Jim smoked the meat. John went from here this evening. Ben went to Lee Brumfields. Helped strip tobacco. Oscar Brumfield went to Gretna with tobacco. Ben come by Kates. She was not so well. I hope that she may get well yet. John Brumfield went to see Denia Blair. She is very much complaining. Henry and Edna went to school. Terable walking they say. Nellie has done the most that has been done today. She milked two cows this morning while I milked one. I churned and fixed the butter. Have mended a few things today.

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Friday, February  9, 1923

Friday, February 9, 1923

A cloudy day warmer. Ben washed up his room floor. He was nearly all day about it. Jim kept a good fire in the dining room and in the smoke house. Said he would not smoke the meat any more. Nellie done the most of the cooking. I have not done much of any thing. Ben went to see Denia. She is not well. Have not heard from Kate today. Wish I had heard. John did not go from Blairs until today. Henry and Edna went to school. Henry went to Mr. Bookers to say all night. Mr. Booker has gone to Less Bookers. They are all sick there. I want to hear from all of the sick folks about.

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Tuesday, March 13, 1923

Tuesday, March 13, 1923

A rainy morning. Ben went to Renan this morning. He went to see Kate Harvey a while. Got home at dinner time. Jim hung up the meat and smoked it today. Nellie got dinner. I got breakfast and churned and milked. I pieced on my quilt. Heard that Mildred is better. Do hope she may get well. I had a letter from Carrie today. [?hanles] Tomson sent here today for butter. Miss Reynolds was on the car with him. Mabel has been cross today. Ben brough a calf from Jim Farthings today.

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