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Saturday, March 22, 1919

Saturday, March 22, 1919

Cloudy most of the day. Ben plowed to day. Mr Owen planted potatoes. Jim carried stalks to the cows. Josie ironed & got dinner. I washed a little. I made the button holes in Hazel Smiths cloak and carried it home. Carrie was busy fixin for tomorrow. She is thinkin of going to meeting tomorrow.

Lucius Gravely come here tonight to go with Ben to Strait Stone to night. Marvin carried them. The lights on Bens car would not work. Josie and the children has all gone to bed.

9 oclock

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Saturday, May 24, 1919

Saturday, May 24, 1919

A cloudy morning and a little rain this evening. We have a plenty of rain.

Jim & Ben worked on their tobacco until dinner this evening. Ben & Jim went to Chatham. Kate Harvey went with them.

Henry Edna & I went with them as far as Jim Thompsons the we walked to White Falls mills [and] fished. We caught a few fish. We walked back as far Mt Airy Ben brought us home. I paid Ben for the trouble that we were.

Josie ironed most of the morning. This evening Josie and Franklin staid here by them selves.

I milked by the light of the lantern.

10:50 oclock

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Tuesday, August 26, 1919

Tuesday, August 26, 1919

A good day. Ben carried Nellie & Evylin to Gretna this morning. He got back home at 10:20 oclock. They have cut tobacco this evening.

Josie sewed today. She two gowns then gathered some snaps for dinner tomorrow.

Marvin finished cutting tobacco today.

I went to Marvins this evening. Carrie sent Henry some papers to read. He now has one reading. I am going to put out the light as he will have to work tomorrow. Will need all the sleep he can get.

I got a letter from Elsie East this evening. Was glad to hear from her.

9:30 oclock

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Thursday November 10, 1921

Thursday November 10, 1921

A good day. Jim & Ben stripped tobacco. Josie helped to tye this evening. I stayed at the house and mended some overalls. Franklin & Mabel went to the barn but did not stay long. Josie got dinner. I ironed some this morning. Ben got the light engine to start at twelve oclock. We was all glad that it started with out a trip to Gretna. Henry & Edna went to school. I have not seen any of Marvins folks today. Oh how I am going to miss them when they are gone if I live to see that time. Jim & Ben have not come from the barn yet. 10 oclock

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Wednesday, January 11, 1922

Wednesday, January 11, 1922

A bad morning. Rain and a little snow. Tonight a colde wind is blowing. Ben & Jim stripped some tobacco this morning and sawed some wood this evening. Josie ironed some this morning. She got dinner & washed the dishes. I ironed some. Henry & Edna went to school. It was a bad day for them. Ben broke a peice of the light enjoine today. We have the lamps to night for lights. We miss the lights so much. Cordie Blair is sick. I hope she may soon be well a gain. 9 oclock

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Monday, October  2, 1922

Monday, October 2, 1922

A good day. Ben run the light engine a while today. Rolled the oat land some. This evening he went for a coloured girl. She come. I hope I will like her. Mrs Doss come to see Josie this evening. Ella come tonight. Ray Hubbard brought her. Jim has stripped tobacco today. Mabel and I went with Ben as far as the Bridge at Stankeys. I got very impatient waiting for Ben. Mabel was good all the evening. Ray Hubbard brought Josie some nice tomatoes. Jessie sent her a Jar of pickle. Evry one is so good to her. She is thankful.

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Monday, October  1, 1923

Monday, October 1, 1923

A good day. Jim and John Ward cut corn. Ben has bin at Lees all day. The children went to school. Evylin washed a big washing for them. Nellie kept the baby. I got dinner. Lelia Ward come this morning and got a chicken. She said she wanted it for their dinner. Heard today that Evylin Hutcherson is sick. Jo Edmons is bad off yet from getting hurt. I hope that they may get well soon. Today is Mabels birth day. She is four years old. I am writing by the light of four little wax candles that I made for her. She is very well except a sore ear.

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