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Sunday, April 20, 1919

Sunday, April 20, 1919

Easter Sunday. A good day. We all staid at home until after dinner. We had cake and pimento pepper for dinner that Josie bought at Chatham.

This evening Ben and family went to Jim Powers. I went to George Blairs. Lizzie Bennett was there for dinner.

Ren Worsham and family come this evening. Ren and George and Doratha & Ruth went to Edge Hill preaching.

Marvin Smith & family come to Georges. Marvin brought Lizzie and I home. Mr. Owen had a horse and buggy and went for his sister. She was at Mrs Myers.

10 oclock

Henry made the fire in the cook stove this morning for the first time in his life that I know any thing a bout.

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Monday June 27, 1921

Monday June 27, 1921

A good day. Ben carried John to Gretna. Julia & Edna and Franklin and Mabel went with them. Ben did not stay long. Then he plowed in his tobacco. Jim plowed some and then mowed hay. Them and Marvin have gone to the school house to hear speakin to night.

Josie planted some pepper this morning then got dinner. This evening she gathered some black berries and went to Marvins.

I got breakfast and milked the cows & fed the chickens and churned. Cut some quilt peices and went to Marvins. Come home. Fed & milked. Brought two buckets of water.

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Thursday, July 22, 1920

Thursday, July 22, 1920

Foggy this morning but no rain today. Ben & Jim got sticks a gain today. Josie got dinner. Charles & Irvin Harvey come here on a car. Charles worked on it all the morning. Would not stay to dinner. Charles come this eve and carried Evylin to Mr Moses to a party. I planted some pepper plants and peas. I went to Marvins a few minutes this evening. Carrie was canning berries. I picked a bucketful and canned them.

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Tuesday, October  5, 1920

Tuesday, October 5, 1920

5th day Tuesday

Ben & Jim gathered some apples and made cider. Josie got dinner. I picked peas most of the day. Went to Marvins a few minutes. Kate Harvey come a little while. This evening Charley Harvey come and brough our tax receipts. Josie sent Mrs Nat Wooding some peppers. Carrie Smith is very much complaining.

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Wednesday, May 23, 1923

Wednesday, May 23, 1923

A cloudy day. A little rain this evening. We need more so bad. It is very cold for May. We have had a fire all the evening. I got a letter from Nellie today telling a bout Evylins little baby. It was born the 20th of the month. It is named Elain. I was glad to hear from her. Hope she may do well. Ben has not come home yet. I know he is put out about having to stay. They have bin fixing land ready to plant all day today. Jim went to John Hutchersons plant bed and got tomatoe and pepper plants and planted them. Then he planted some water mellon seed. We had early supper tonight.

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