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Friday, October 11, 1918

Friday, October 11, 1918

A good day. The men folks plowed this morning. This evening Mr Owen raked pea vines. Ben went to Mr Bailiss. Josie and I stripped a little tobacco. We got our dinner this morning before we went to the barn cooked snaps and baked bread.

Come home at twelve and made coffee.

In the evening the tobacco dried out so we could not tie it. I picked up some apples and gathered some snaps. We went to Carries and strung our snaps. Come home. Josie got supper. I fed the chickens. Henry and I fed the hogs. We had to shuck the corn then I churned.

Ben has just got back from Bailiss and eat his supper.

9 30 oclock

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Friday, October 25, 1918

Friday, October 25, 1918

A cloudy day and a little rain. Ben worked on his waggon this morning. This evening he went to Level Run for a load of lumber. Paul Bennett plowed and fixed rows for straw berries. Josie planted the vines.

Mr Owen and his crowd stripped tobacco. I helped a little before dinner.

Josie got dinner. She had to cut her wood to cook with. This evening Josie and I both helped on the tobacco.

We are out of flour. Ben has gone to Thompsons to night to get some. We have wheat at the mill but the miller is not well enough to grind it.

Henry has caught two rabbits in his traps. He is very proud of that.

9 oclock

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Friday, March 14, 1919

Friday, March 14, 1919

A cloudy cool day. Ben plowed. Jim fixed up the grape vines at the garage and plowed over his potatoe patch. Bettie Rosser ironed here today.

Mr Dews carried his car to Gretna this morning.

Ben had a letter from Josie. She wants to come home tomorrow. I wont be surprised if there is snow by morning.

Lee is in Danville with his last tobacco. Otie Kellie and several others went to Chatham today.

Edna & Franklin has bin in doors all day today.

9 oclock

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Saturday, July  5, 1919

Saturday, July 5, 1919

A good day. Ben & Owen and Jim plowed some to day. Jim helped John Hutcherson thrash wheat this morning and planted him some pink beans this evening after they got up the hay.

Ben worked his water mellons vines late this evening.

Josie ironed & got dinner. I churned and washed a few things this morning. This evening I worked some button holes and mended a few things.

Lucius Gravely come here tonight on his way to the lodge. He had forgot that last Sunday was a fifth Sundy.


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Wednesday September  7, 1921

Wednesday September 7, 1921

A clear hot day. No rain. The boys helped Marvin cut tobacco all day. Josie and I washed this morning. Finished in time to get a snack for dinner. Josie made two pies in the least time I ever thought of. We had salmon & canned beef. All could be got ready quick.

I worked on button holes. Josie made Edna a pair of bloomers and picked a few peas.

Edna & Franklin pulled pea vines and fed the cows through the fence & climed the cyckamore tree. They ask me to write a bout as I did not know any thing to write. I did it.

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Tuesday September 27, 1921

Tuesday September 27, 1921

A cloudy day. A little rain. Ben and Jim tinkered a round all day. Ben & Josie went to Strait Stone and Cedar Forest. Josie bought a set of cups and saucers. Paid $1.50 for them.

Josie made Henry two shirts today. I sewed on my quilt. I pulled some grass from among the straw berries vines. Henry and Edna went to school.

We have heard that Emmet Brumfield has whooping cough.

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Saturday October  1, 1921

Saturday October 1, 1921

A beautiful day cool and dry. We need rain very bad. Ben went to Eanes a gain today. Mr Mayhew went with him. They eat supper there. Jim planted a gate post and done a round here all day.

Josie ironed this morning. Worked all the evening at one thing an other. I mended a few things this evening and worked on the straw berry vines a little getting the grass out. We bought a peice of beef this morning. We all enjoyed it.

Today was Mabels birth day. She has had a good day for her. Henry gathered a few peas to day.

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Friday, April  7, 1922

Friday, April 7, 1922

A cloudy day no rain. Ben & Jim worked in the orchard cleaning up. Henry went to school. Edna had a colde & did not go.

Josie & I ironed all the morning. Josie got dinner.

Kate Harvey came a few minutes this morning would not stay for dinner. Ben planted some vines at the porch this evening Henry went to [Renan] late this evening and got some fish. He come home sick. Hope he will be well by morning. I milked Lady cow tonight.

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Tuesday, September 12, 1922

Tuesday, September 12, 1922

A good day. Ben & Jim and Henry cut & shocked corn today. Nellie has bin complaining all day. Daisy and I got dinner. Denia Blair come to see Josie today. I went with her as far as the pea patch. Could not get green peas eneough to make a [meer?]. I come by Mrs Booker. I got peas eneough to cook. Ben & Jim drove up my cow this morning. I milked her tonight. I got some potatoe vines for the cows. Mr Edmons & Mrs Edmons was passing. They brought the vines for me.

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Monday, August  6, 1923

Monday, August 6, 1923

A good day. Very warm. Ben went to the mill. Franklin went with him. They got back by twelve. The rest of them suckered tobacco. One of the [Mary or many] [Candidy?] come to see them today. Nellie cleaned up their room. I got dinner and churned this evening. Three children and I went to Mr Bookers. None of them was at home. We come back. I picked some snaps. Got some vines for the cows. Edna helped me milk. They have had a good time to day. Have some water mellons to day.

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Saturday, September 29, 1923

Saturday, September 29, 1923

A good day. Jim and Henry and John Ward cut corn. Ben helped Lee with his books. Henry has gone up there tonight. Evelin and Edna washed the dishes tonight. Nellie did not come home today. There was an ice cream party at Edge Hill this evening. I worked on the turnip patch some a gain this evening. I sowed some seed on it. Hope to live to see what it will make. I gathered some butter beans this evening. They are getting a few and far between. The children and I got potatoe vines for the cows tonight.

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