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Thursday, October  3, 1918

Thursday, October 3, 1918

A good day. Ben and Owen and Marvin went to South Boston to day. Carried tobacco on their cars. They had some trouble but got there in time to sell. They were very well pleased with the sales. Got home a good while before night.

Josie done a big washing this morning. To night she has sick headache. I commenced a sock for Kate to send to Charlie Harvey. I went to Marvins a little while this evening. There is sickness nearly every where at this time. I do hope that the people may soon get well.

9 oclock

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Monday, July  7, 1919

Monday, July 7, 1919

A cloudy day. This morning the fences washed down and away. I lost a 4 galons of milk besides lots of other damage. Josie got dinner. Nellie sowed some on Josies dress. Evylin straitened up the parlor. I churned. It was a hard matter to get a fire a bout eleven oclock.

Mr Glass and Mr Vonwagner come. They eat dinner here. Nell & Evylin went with them to Chatham.

The boys killed the bees in two hives this evening.

Jim & Ben and Mr Owen went to Renan this evening. There has bin three or four cars passed here today. The roads are very bad.

Josie & the children and I went to Marvins this evening.

Paul Bennett got the car in the creek and never got home until twelve to day.

10: o clock

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Thursday August  4, 1921

Thursday August 4, 1921

A good day. The boys worked in the tobacco all day. I got dinner. Josie killed two chickens and baked pies. Today is Mrs Cars birth day. She is 67 years olde. Josie went to the grove to the meeting. Oscar Brumfield carried her. His mother & aunt went with him.

A Mr Roberson & Mr Hutcherson come here to see Mrs Car. She wants to sell her land. Josie come home with the sick head ache. I got supper. I think she had a fine time to day.

Mrs Car churned and washed dishes for me.

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Sunday August  7, 1921

Sunday August 7, 1921

A good day and a busy day. John and Edwin was here. Mrs Car was here.

Rob Hubbard & Ella and three children and Mr Ran & wife come. Mr Ran went to Rufus Cars and Rufus come here with him. I was glad for them to come to see Ben and Josie. Ben carried Mrs Car home this evening. I am always glad for Mrs Car to stay with Josie.

Ben & Jim had a few water mellons. I think all of them enjoyed them.

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Wednesday August 10, 1921

Wednesday August 10, 1921

A good day. Jim and Ben worked on a spring box at the Owen spring half of the day. Ben went to Mrs Cars place to help put on a roof. Come home & him and three of the children has gone to the school house to a picture show. Josie ironed all the evening.

Reese Smith carried me & Paul and Roy to White Falls. I caught several fish there. Was a crowd of people at Whitefalls on a picknic. I would guess there was as many as 40 people.

There is a negro assosiation going on at Glendland. We met a lot going home. We come by Kates. Grace B was there.

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Thursday August 11, 1921

Thursday August 11, 1921

A good day. Jim and Henry hauled some sand and put a round the spring. Jim cut up the mulberrie tree. Henry brought the water for to night.

Josie spent the day at Reynolds. She had a good day. Ben helped to put on the roof at Mrs Cars place and build a porch. I staid at home for one time with the children. I milked and churned and got dinner and supper. Did not try to do any other work.

Mabel was very good for her to be. Carrie & family went to Gretna to see their new home. Kate Harvey went with them.

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Memorandum (i)

Memorandum (i)

We heard this morning that Mrs Carson is dead and will be buried at the Worsham home tomorrow. I am sorry for her people especialy for children.

The last in this little book.

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Sunday, February  1, 1920

Sunday, February 1, 1920

A colde cloudy day. The boys rambled a round some. I got dinner this evening. I went to Marvins. Kate and Irvin Harvey come there a little while. Marvin went to Mrs Carsons burial. Came home while I was there. Josie staid with the children all day. Stewart Owen is sick. There is a lot of sickness a bout now. 9 oclock

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Monday, January  9, 1922

Monday, January 9, 1922

A beautiful day. Jim & Ben stripped tobacco this morning and worked on their plant bed this evening. Josie got dinner. I sewed a little this evening. I went to Johnson Reynols. Found Mollie by her self. Had pleasant evening. She walked with me half way home. Johnson was stripping tobacco. I did not see him. Mr Norman Booker got him a horse on trial. He was plowing this evening. Mr Mayhew gave a party tonight. Ben & Josie went to stay a while. Also Jamie Gravely is giving a party. Several cars has passed.

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Friday, December  8, 1922

Friday, December 8, 1922

A good day. Ben & Jim worked on the tobacco most of the day. This evening Ben went to the island to meet Mrs Car. She had come from [Lynchburg?]. Mabel and I went with him. We staid at Peaks store while Ben went to Mr Cars for Mrs Car. I went to see Mrs Hutcherson this evening. She is very sick. She had a lot of company. Mr Walter Car sent Josie a big fish by mail this evening. She eat some of it for supper.

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Wednesday, December 13, 1922

Wednesday, December 13, 1922

A cloudy cold day. Jim went to Gretna with tobacco. Started before day. Did not sell. He came home & brought the team. Ben got Mr Bookers team and went to the mill. I am so glad that he did go as we was out of flour & cornmeal. Josie has bin pent all day. Fanny & Mrs Car has worked on Mrs Cars dress some today. Nellie & I got dinner. Hattie Gilbert(col) washed here today. Henry turned over a churn of milk this morning be for he started to school.

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Thursday, February 22, 1923

Thursday, February 22, 1923

A good day. Ben plowed some. Jim went to Renan and Strait Stone hunting plow points. Ben went to Jesse Hutchersons for gas. Has run the engine all the evening. Irvin Harvey was here tonight. He said that his mother eat at the table. Charley?] Harvey went to [Thomas?] to put in a radio. I went to sleep. I am sorry that I spilt ink in my book. The Ladies Ade society met at Mr. Edmonds this evening. There was some cars passed here. Nellie was invited but would not go. She cut out some sewing.

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Sunday, June 24, 1923

Sunday, June 24, 1923

A good day. Rain in sight but none here. Jim staid at home all day. Ben and I and three children went to Role Hubbards. Ellen was not at home when we got there. Role was going after her. Ben and Role went on the car. She come and we had a pleasant visit. This evening we went to Mr. Rufus Cars to see Mrs Fanny Car. Mrs. Rufus Car got supper and we eat before we come home. I got supper for Jim and Henry. I was glad to do that much for them. Henry went bathing today.

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