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Friday, May  9, 1919

Friday, May 9, 1919

A cloudy day and some rain. The men folks planted a little tobacco. Henry worked all day. Josie got dinner.

I planted some onions. The latest that we planted any. I planted them in the olde ice house hole. This evening I mended Bens overalls then went to Marvins and staid a few minutes. Come home and fed the chickens and milked the cow and fed the calf. Josie went to the plant bed and got some salit. She liked to got wet comeing home.

9 oclock

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Thursday, October  9, 1919

Thursday, October 9, 1919

A cloudy day. No rain to do any good. The men worked on tobacco. Ben went to Mr Bailis this morning. Jim Moon carried him. They went to see a bout getting a school. Also went to Gretna to see tobacco solde.

I went to Marvins a little while this evening. Carrie was mending overalls. She was complaining of rheumatism in her knee.

Rees brought me 10 eggs to night.

Franklin staid at Marvins all day. Henry & Edna went to school.

Ben & Jim went to the barn to night and have not come back yet.

9:15 oclock

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Wednesday June  8, 1921

Wednesday June 8, 1921

A cloudy day. No rain to do any good. Lizzie Bennett got dinner. I mended some overalls. Alma ironed some cloth this morning. Gordon & Frances and the boy come over here this evening. I walked to the garden this evening.

I got a note from home this morning. I was glad to get it. They said Mabel was some better when they wrote. I do hope that the children will keep well and all of the rest of them. I feel anxious a bout them all and my self two. I hope my leg will soon be well.

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Thursday November 10, 1921

Thursday November 10, 1921

A good day. Jim & Ben stripped tobacco. Josie helped to tye this evening. I stayed at the house and mended some overalls. Franklin & Mabel went to the barn but did not stay long. Josie got dinner. I ironed some this morning. Ben got the light engine to start at twelve oclock. We was all glad that it started with out a trip to Gretna. Henry & Edna went to school. I have not seen any of Marvins folks today. Oh how I am going to miss them when they are gone if I live to see that time. Jim & Ben have not come from the barn yet. 10 oclock

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Monday, January 16, 1922

Monday, January 16, 1922

A bad day. Snowed all day. Not very cold. Mabel is sick. I am so sorrie for her & her mother.

Jim & Ben stripped tobacco. Mr Norman Booker helped them. I killed a chicken & dressed it and got dinner. Helped to holde Mabel some. Josie done what she could. She had to rock Mabel most of the time. Henry & Edna went to school as bad as it was. I have bin mending overalls tonight.

I sympathize with all the poor and hard up people and the sick and that is the most of them.

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Saturday, June 16, 1923

Saturday, June 16, 1923

A good day. Ben finished cutting wheat this morning. This evening they fixed some tobacco land. Jim plowed some sweet potatoes. I wanted to go to the river but did not go. I mended overalls yesterday and to day. Lelia Ward sent the clothes home done up nice. I am glad of that much help. We had new Irish potatoes and last years butter beans and apple pies. I killed two chickens for dinner tomorrow. I made a mess of my book. Nothing but carelessness. I am ashamed of it but cant help it now.

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Saturday, July  7, 1923

Saturday, July 7, 1923

A good day. Jim helped [Will?] Farthing and Norman Booker thrash wheat and then they thrashed here and then then at Mr. Laynes. Ben uncovered his tobacco plants this morning. The children staid at the machine all the evening. Bruce Reynols and his wife come a few minutes. They had bin to George Blains for some butter. They did not get out of the car. I mended Franklin's overalls this evening. Ray Booker played with the children all the evening. Miss Rena Mayhew borrowed the freezer. Said they was lookin for company.

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