DALME Italian Sources

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A collection of transcribed inventories from Italian Archives

Festival Book for Charles VI

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First edition of a sumptuous festival book commemorating the inauguration of HRE Charles VI in 1717 as Count of Flanders, featuring an allegorical frontispiece and 6 large folding plates, including four engravings of the extravagant fireworks displays that followed the ceremony.

Florentine Gabelle 1411

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Temple University https://digital.library.temple.edu/digital/collection/p15037coll19/id/3328/rec/1

Goro Dati La Sfera

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From LOC Incunable connection

Lapo di Castiglionchio

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Letter to his son; Beinecke MS 815

Livre Salterien

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Transcription of Paris, BNF 6049, ff. 264v-298r.

The Case of Magdalena, the Former Slave

Archives Départementales des Bouches-du-Rhône 3B 858, and the opening folio is 178r. Marseille, 1407.