North Carolina George the Second by the grace of God King of
great Brition & [as?]

To the Marshall of the Court & our admiralty Greeting

We require and command you immediately to Cite Daniel Moseworthy of the province afs'd Marrinrs Sam'le [Lippcomb?] & Richard Haddock of Cowan County Mason Moseworthy performally to be and appear before our judge of our court of Vice admiralty to be held at the Court houses in Denton on the
eigth day of this Instant May then and here to testifie the truth in
behalf of us against the Sloop Mary & Phobe and her Cargo &[c?]
herein fail not and have you then and there this receipt
Witness John Godsdon Esq. Judge of the Court of Vice Admiralty at
Denton the 8 day of May anno Dom [?] 1740
James Craven [? Reg sd. D County?]

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