3. Upon your arrival off that port you are to send in your boat in order to give the
Governour there notice that you are charged with dispatches directed to him from
this Goverment and desire His Excellency's permission to attend him therewith.
4th. When you have obtained such permission you are to deliver my dispatches here
inclosed unto the Governour together with the said Spanish prisoners.
5th. You are to take a receipt for the prisoners you deliver and also give a receipt for
the prisoners you shallreceive each specifying the names thereof.
6th. As soon as ever you have got the English prisoners on board you are to desire a pass
port from the Governour and make the best dispatch possible to the Island of
Providence and from thence to this port
Given under my hand & seal
this 20th day of July 1748
James Glen

The court adjourned till tomorrow morning 9 of the clock to ^the^ house of Mr Charles
Adam in Newbern

October the 4th : The Court mett according to adjournment
Mr. Nicholei Proctor for the claimant produced a more full & perfect
claim & answer of Thomas Harny the claimant in this cause and [woood?]
that the said might be read. Ordered & done accordingly & is as follows/to wit/
North Carolina. [JS]
To the Honourable Joseph Anderson Esqr. Commisary and
Judge of His Majesty's Court of Vice Admiralty in the province
of North Carolina
The said Thomas Harny now & at all times saving and
reserving to himself all and all manner of benefit of exception to the manif
-old untruth incertainty's insufficiencies, ineptitudes and inconcludieu[...]
mentioned & contained in the libel or in formation of the said George King
comes here into this Hon'ble Court and on behalf of Mathew Roche of Charles
Town in the province of South Carolina merchant a British subject of our
Sovereign Lord the King that [now is?] claims the said schooner Harramy Judy her

Notes and Questions

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The name of the schooner appears to be written Harra my Judy. Could this be some sort of expression. It sounds like something that my Irish grandfather would have said.