Port Beaufort
North Carolina
The Deposition of William Rogers. Robert Hill, Daniel
Lairy. Andrew Lishman, William McQuay
seamen now belonging to the prize sloop Elizabeth & Annah
Deposeth and sayeth ^that^ they these deponants belonged to the privateer
sloop called the King George commanded by John Mawdsley and that on
the fourteenthday of September last past off the island of St. Thomas in
the West India, met with the aforesaid sloop Elizabeth & Annah belonging
the Spaniards and commanded by Thomas Canales, and that there was at
the taking of the s'd prize sundry merchandises ^on board^ and about twelve
hundred Spanish dolars, and that by orders of Capn. Mawdsley they
were with Capn.Latham Clark bound for Rhode Island with the said
sloop in order for condemnation, but by distress of weather & disability
of the s'd prize put into this port and further these deponants sayeth
Sworn before me the 16th
day of October 1747

William Rogers
Robert Hille
Daniel Lairy
Andrew Luishman
William McQueen

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