East Civil War Letters

The East documents were found in an abandoned building near Cherrystone Creek in the early 1970s, and include one empty envelope addressed to John C. East and one letter (with envelope) from George W. East to Thomas C. East. George W. East enlisted in the 53rd VA Infantry, Company I, when he was...

Project by Ben W. Brumfield

Jeremiah White Graves Diaries

Diary and account books kept by Jeremiah White Graves (1801-1884) in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Project by Ben W. Brumfield

Julia Brumfield Diaries

Julia Ann Craddock Brumfield kept a diary from 1915 until 1936. Some time after her death, those diaries were distributed among her many grandchildren. Over the last twenty years, nearly half of those diaries have been reassembled to be shared among Julia's descendants. The project is actively...

Project by Ben W. Brumfield

Other WAAC Letters

WAAC letters or postcards.

Project by Josie Brumfield