Sunday May 24th
in company with Mr Hyman
went to Industry but found no
one bound west Stayed at Graysons
Monday 25 Left this evening in com
pany of Mr Grayson Hyman Leon
and myself went to the School
house at Mr Adrianco's and camp
Monday 25 Left camp and looked
through the German Settlement on
Cummins Creek beautiful settlement
crops fine
this settlement is
beautifully A beautifull situation
rolling black pararies interspersed
with groves of timber. from here
to the Colorado river is a high
black jack and post oak gravely
region and of no value whatever.
Stopped in Columbus 2 hours and
wrote a letter home. We learn
that the flies are very bad from
here to Victoria went 6 miles
to skull creek and stopped on
account of the flies having to
[build?] fires to smoke them off
[?] the evening went through the
[Post oaks?] 8 miles thence 4 miles
[?] and camped near Acorn
[Sunday?] 26 1846
[This?][morning?] at the Navidad we

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San Jac Descendant

The black jack and post oak mentioned are of course the Blackjack Oak, and the Post Oak trees.