where Fannins men was shot as Mr Duval is
with us he can describe to us as it happened his
brother being the Capt of the company that he was
in only 3 of the company escaped Mr Duval and 2
Crossed the San Antonio River looked
at the place where one of Fannin's Divisions
was shot. Went to the Old mission and
examined it the old church and walls
and dilapidated
houses resemble the plates in Stevens
Travells in Yuccatan.
Rained this morning stopped 15 miles
from Goliad on a creek to [noon?] it
I undertook to wash a shirt here but
the water was so strongly impregnated
with lime that I could not get it clean
when done the My hair was white with
the lime when dry.
Camped on the Aransas. This stream
has no bottom there is no gamebut
little game in this part of the country
Monday June 1st 1846
Started for San Patricio on the
Neueces distant 28 miles
at which place we arrived at in the [evening?]
There is several a number of Irish
familys living here.
Their houses are built of poles
set in the ground and covered with

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San Jac Descendant

Zenas mentions the book "Incidents of Travel in the Yucatan" by John Lloyd Stevens, and it amazed me to find that this book is still sold. Most references state that it was first printed in 1847, and this Diary proves it must have been earlier.


Southwestern's Special Collections owns an 1855 12th edition of Stephen's "Incidents of travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan." New York, Harper & Brothers, 1855. The Internet Archive also has digitized versions of Stephen's works.