Matamoras 150 miles from home
Capt Irion and his company 15
our 10 making 25 men in all
went 12 miles stoped cooked our
dinner and rested 3 oclock started
went 5 miles to the next water
and camped here we found capt
Wilson and men 10 in number making
35 in all. The country in these parts
is all alike Flat pararies and scattering
mesquite and [chapparall?] thickets No water except
in [ponds?] To night we stand guard
being whare we have to look out for
parties of Mexicans Went 18 or 20 miles

Monday 8th 1846

Today we crossed an arm of the
Laguna [Mathre?] about 1 mile wide
The water several inches deep and some
what Boggy 2 or 3 bogged down and
had to wade out Camped near here.
Put out a guard of 3 men tonight

Tuesday 9th 1846
Started early this morning and
went 12 miles to noon it. One of the
men killed a deer to day Mr
and myself was ordered

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San Jac Descendant

For the first time a [Capt Irion] is mentioned, and I wonder if this could have been Robert Anderson Irion, born 1804 in Paris Tennessee. He was a physician, surveyor, and Texas Secretary of State in the first term of Presidency for Sam Houston.