about one mile from the River
some of the men thought they
had discovered a Mexican crouching
by the side of the road We hailed and
presented our guns Some said shoot
him and some not We called
Mr Arriola to interpret
for us but lo and behold it was a
prickly pair leaves! we
in double file expecting an attack
from the Mexicans. We came across
6 of the Dragoon horses caught
one the others stapeded. Travelled till
11 oclock and camped without fire or

Friday 12th 1846

Struck camp and started for Mata-
but last night having taken
the wrong road at the little Colorado
we traveled toward Point Isabel. Arriv
ed at the camp of Maj Hays about
7 miles from the point and pitched
our camp this being the only place
that we can get wood and water
This wood we have to pick up on the
shore of the cayune We find a
number of our acquaintances in
the Washington and other companies
that are camped here.

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