Wilson and Wilson, attorneys, 1894-1900

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That I, JANE L. STANFORD, of the City and County of San Francisco, State of California, Executrix of the Will of Leland Stanford, deceased, do hereby as such Executrix name, constitute and appoint RUSSELL J. WILSON of the same place my agent and attorney in fact and for me as such Executrix and in my name to ask, demand and receive from any and all persons and corporations all property that such or any persons or corporations have in their possession or under their control, belonging to the said Estate of Leland Stanford, deceased, or in which said Estate may have or has any interest, and of all property of every kind and character the possession of which I as said Executrix of said Will am or may be entitled to, and in my name as such Executrix to give full acquittances and receipts for such property to any and all persons and corporations for the same.

AND I hereby expressly authorize and empower my said agent and attorney in my name to ascertain and fully investigate in relation to the condition, custody, possession and right of possession of any and all such property now or heretofore held or possessed by any and all other persons or corporations, and particularly the following described bonds, certificates of stock and shares thereof and the interest and dividends that have accrued or may accrue thereon, whether in their original condition or exchanged or substituted in whole or in part for other or different bonds, certificates or shares of stock or other choses in action.

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And to ascertain if said or other property belonging to said Estate is or has been pledged or otherwise hypothecated, and to ask, demand, receive and recover said bonds, shares of stock and certificates and the interest, dividends and accretions thereof and thereon allowed, and if said bonds and stocks cannot be received and recovered I empower my said attorney to demand and receive the value thereof in money or other equivalent in value as he may deem for my best interest and that of said Estate.

The said bonds and certificates of stock herein specially referred to are the following, to wit:

3250 shares Atchison, Topeka & S. F. Ry. stock,

11250 " Southern Pacific Co. stock,

16526 " Newport News and Miss. Valley Ry. Co. stock,

681 " Chesapeake & Ohio Common stock,

3762 48/74 shares Illinois Central Ry. Co. stock,

1939 bonds Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio 5%,

185 " Chesapeake & Ohio Consolidated 5%,

65 " Chesapeake & Ohio General 4 1/2%,

799 " Mexican International Ry. Co. 1st, 4%,

8788/69088ths Kentucky Central Trust Fund of 1890.

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HEREBY ratifying and confirming all that my said Attorney may do under or by virtue hereof.

WITNESS my hand this ____ day of January, A.D. 1894. Jane L. Stanford Executrix of the Will of Leland Stanford, deceased.

Witness: C. N. Lovell

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San Francisco, Cal., July 2nd, 1896.

RECEIVED from Mrs. Jane L. Stanford the following papers:

Power Attorney Leland Stanford to Collis P. Huntington, dated October 30th, 1888.

Memo. of stocks and Bonds in New York.

Memo. of securities held in New York office belonging to Leland Stanford, June 20th, 1893.

Copy letter of indemnity Stanford, Crocker & Hopkins to Collis P. Huntington, dated New York, Oct 1884.

Copy agreement as to Illinois Central Stock & Bonds.

Memo. stocks & Bonds in New York Jan. 15th, 1894.

Copy Power of Attorney P. I. Co. to C. P. Huntington, July 7th, 1883.

Memo. of indebtedness of P. I. Co. to Four Associates, Dec. 30, 1895.

Bundle of correspondence re 2nd Mortgage Bonds G. H. & S. A. Ry.

Copy printed Notice to Legatees Stanford Estate.

Statement account P. I. Co. and Stanford Estate to Jan. 1st, 1895.

Copy Agreement between the Four Associates as to P. I. Co. Mch. 27, 1894

Wilson [signature] & Wilson [signature]

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Cable Address "Russford."

Law Offices of Wilson & Wilson, Mills Building. San Francisco, Cal. [/preprinted] January 18th, 1899

Received from Jane L. Stanford $50,000. balance in full for all professional services to date -

Wilson & Wilson

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