Ediz Hook Lt Station, W. T.

Put up new stove in place
of one endangering the
Lt. House. Plastered Cellar,
so as to keep the Oil Buts
dry, & foundation of house
in repair. Put zinc cover on
parapet, in place of leaky
zinc. Commenced slight
repairs by Carpenter.

New Dungenness Lt.
Station, W. T.

Built ways to landing.
Completed painting of
Tower. Built Boat House.
Completed transportation
of Earth & Rails, &
building of fence. Made
Garden. Repaired &
lengthened Chimneys.
Cement-plastered the
cellar to keep out high
tides. Finished plumbing,
including repairs to
troughs & pipes.
Commenced inside repairs
to Lt. House. Put zinc
fire-board in place of
paper ones.
Probable Operations
for December.
Complete Carpenter work
& painting -
Admiralty Head Lt
Station, W. T.

Replaced leaky cover to
lantern parapet with

Very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
Henry M Robert
Maj. of Eng'rs &
L.H. Eng'r
Thirteenth District

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