Yaquina Bay - Pay of Custodian

One Enclosure.

October 18th 5


Enclosed herewith you will find a copy of a letter from the Honorable the Secretary of the Treasury, dated October 5th, by which the Board is authorized to pay Mr. R.A. Bensall, at a rate not to exceed $600 per annum for his services while in charge of the Light-House property at Yaquina Bay, Oregon. In accordance with this authority you are authorized to make the payment in question from the appropriation for salaries of Light-House Keepers. Funds for this purpose will be sent you. Please refer to this letter, by date, on the voucher, as your authority for making the payment.

Very respectfully,
Naval Secretary

Lt. Commndr. L. Kempff.
Inspector 13th L.H. Dist.
Astoria, Oregon.

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