Department of Commerce
and Labor
Light-House Establishment

Office of Engineer,
13th District
Portland, Oreg.

February 12, 1906

The Light-House Board
Washington D. C.


Replying to Board's letter of
February 6, 1906, No. 1053,
enclosing letter from Hon.
John M. Gearin, U.S. Senator,
dated January 24, 1906, together
with it enclosure, being a letter
from Mr. Dan J. Maher, of
Portland, Oregon, dated January
18, 1906, relative to lease or
purchase of Light-House
Reservation at entrance to
Yaquina Bay, Oregon. I have the
honor to report that this reservation
was temporarily transferred to the
War Department authority of the
Secretary of the Treasury under date
of October 24, 1888, in connection
with the improvement of the
entrance to Yaquina Bay. Should
this work be again continued, a
portion, at least, of this reservation
will be required.
Attention is respectfuly invited to
joint report of the Inspector and
Engineer of this District under date
of September 24, 1903, bearing on
this subject.
In view of the above facts I would
respectfully recommend that the
reservation be not sold, but that it
be leased on the

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